Coronavirus® hits the royals

(CNN) — Spain’s Princess Maria Teresa of Bourbon-Parma has become the first royal in the world to die from coronavirus, according to a statement from her brother, Prince Sixto Enrique.

Spanish princess becomes first royal to die from coronavirus

For one thing, she — or Her Royal Highness or Majesty — was 86 years old.

I don’t want to be rude or inconsiderate, but that is even a little bit longer than most of us — as commoners — are permitted to live.

The research finds that, on average, females live 18.6% longer than males from the same species.

This is much larger than the well-studied difference between men and women, which is around 8%.

Mammal study explains ‘why females live longer’

I don’t believe it, either among the animal kingdom in general or among humans in particular. There are in any case some very old men out there, some of whom have outlived their wives.

Childbirth is especially risky for human females because of the large head size of the human infant. Childless women tend to have other reproductive problems that shorten their lives.

Smoking tobacco is only slightly more popular among men than among women, and its health effects are exaggerated by doctors who offer even stronger inhalants as pharmaceutical remedies.

Contrary to the delusions and romantic wishful thinking of government agencies and mainstream media, war is not something fought by respectful gentlemen who tip their hats to such peaceable, indifferent ladies.

The root cause of such disparate reports of longevity, I believe, is that some older men are chasing younger women with salacious offers, and they are in effect complaining in such scientific reports that the women “out there” or “available” to them are “too old” for them.

Mad scientists, vicious old men themselves.

Coronavirus® at boot camp?

It’s not exactly a happy situation for all involved, but at least we should be getting somewhere toward a better analysis of the etiology and epidemiology of Coronavirus®.

coronavirus outbreak has infected dozens of Marine recruits and staff members at the service’s East Coast recruit training center, prompting the suspension of additional arrivals for the foreseeable future, defense officials said Monday.

Washington Post: Coronavirus outbreak at Marine Corps boot camp infects dozens of recruits, staff members

Boot camp is rumored to be tough, especially in the Marine Corps, not, of course, that one would expect to “make it” through boot camp training and then “take it easy” to collect basic pay and government benefits.

There’s a general, David H. Berger, already involved in that situation. It looks like an advanced case of military insubordination, fraternization with medical personnel, and prearranged or falsified medical laboratory test results.

Who’s cooking the meals at the mess hall, and where is the staff sergeant dining? Is someone “vaping” or smoking something stronger than tobacco somewhere, or shooting up with drugs?

Anyone who feels ill or exhibits symptoms can be ordered to be tested for the virus, and results might be “arranged” by medical laboratory staff for the drill sergeant to test positive and submit to strict quarantine orders from the Department of the Navy.

That was to the Catch-22 problem with “mental illness” in the U.S. Air Force in WWII, and I’m seeing parallels to the influenza pandemic of 1918 that hit WWI military recruits hard in the United States at the time.

Either people were calling in sick to military duty, or the Germans were gassing them, or they were getting really sick and dying at the hands of an enemy-aligned medical establishment in the United States, which we have not yet succeeded in throwing off, even to this day, over 100 years later.

Dentists, oral surgeons & orthodontists be damned!

Seth Lookhart was convicted Friday of 46 counts, including felony medical assistance fraud and scheming to defraud, and misdemeanor counts of illegally practicing dentistry and reckless endangerment, prosecutors said.

Dentist who pulled teeth while riding hoverboard convicted of fraud — USA Today / Associated Press

Forty-six counts? That charlatan should have been punished out of his tooth-pulling vices and cured of his malpractice before he was ever allowed to accomplish the first count of any actus reus of dentistry.

The law of Moses decrees the punishment of an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, skin for skin, and life for life for these crimes.

To have broken every tooth from the mouth of this “dentist” would still leave fourteen counts of serious crime unatoned for.

And how shall we adequately punish all his fellow practitioners of the American Dental Association, the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, and the American Association of Orthodontists among other fraternal organizations out of their vices of quicksilver, laughing gas, and deadly fluorides?

They deal in deadly poisons: perhaps there is a lethal injection for them at law for their premeditated murders and high treason.

Nothing is left of modern medicine but vice and recreational drugs. The Democrats’ progressive guarantees of universal “access” to medical care “for everybody” are in reality construed as nothing but the access of the powerful to the bodies of the weak for the gratification of their own flesh in the despoliation of that of others.

Obviously we as a society are paying these fake dentists far too much real money, and we have yet to inflict an adequate punishment to deter them from their vicious practices of pulling teeth in unneed and dealing in controlled substances for recreational use and abuse.

Vice and mob rule won’t stop COVID-19®

Labor-union local government-mandated stay-at-home orders are being enforced by pimps and mob bosses in a drastic attempt to contain what is mostly a “subclinical” or mild flu- or cold-like illness which in reality has not caused any significant increase in the natural rate of mortality beyond “the usual” colds and flus of the season.

“All persons in Alaska, except for those engaged in essential health care services, public government services, and essential business activities, are mandated to remain at their place of residence and practice social distancing.”

Gov. Dunleavy issues social distancing and travel mandates, COVID-19 cases rise to 85 statewide

Alaska’s government has traditionally maintained especially deep ties to the Five Families of New York as well as the Chicago Outfit of Illinois in the Lower 48.

“The vast, vast majority of people in Illinois are doing precisely what we asked them to do,” [Gov. J.B.] Pritzker said. “But it’s the others — the people who aren’t obeying the stay-at-home rule — who are putting everyone in danger. It doesn’t take that many people, frankly, to break the rules and cause danger to others.”

Chicago infant dies after testing positive for coronavirus, governor says

It’s touching, isn’t it? The party of abortion-on-demand, routine circumcision, and birth-control-without-a-prescription is suddenly so concerned about infant mortality as to justify red-light-district-style crackdowns throughout the U.S. to enforce their labor-union local mob rule everywhere.

PATRIOT Act provisions expire

Republicans, [Rep. Thomas] Massie and Senator Rand Paul have been vocal critics of the Patriot Act’s surveillance provisions, including one that allows the FBI to get court orders through the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to collect business records on suspects in national security investigations.

Intelligence Community Will Temporarily Lose Some Surveillance Powers
By Eva McKend Washington, D.C. Mar. 13, 2020

On the other side, Democrat Elizabeth Warren has evinced a strong pro-surveillance position on the side of the “intelligence community.”

America’s “intelligence community”

The so-called “intelligence community” in America is a government employees’ labor union, more or less. The last paragraph of that news article mentions something ominous.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is backing the effort but President Trump, who has long been critical of the intelligence community, has not given reauthorization his support.

The FBI Agents Association called the anticipated authorization lapse unacceptable and dangerous.

Donald Trump and Thomas Massie actually appear to be on the same side of this particular issue, (despite their recent political spat over “grandstanding” on Twitter.)

The FBI Agents Association works to advance and safeguard the careers, economic interests, conditions of employment and welfare of active and retired FBI …

An employees labor union of aggressive social-climbing self-aggrandizing beat cops, in other words. They are supposed to be agents, charged with investigating and prosecuting serious organized crime. Instead they are joining together to use the almost unlimited intelligence powers granted them by Congress to advance their own economic and life interests at the expense of the general law-abiding population.

FBI Agents Association: Failure to Reauthorize FISA Provisions Threatens National Security

There’s a “boss” at that organization, namely one “Brian O’Hare” as well as a spokesman “Paul Nathanson” with a publicly available boiler-room telephone number to represent the working career interests of the FBI’s rank-and-file associates who haven’t “earned their bones” yet — killed in the line of duty or performed some equivalent feat. New hires or initiates have to “make it” or prove themselves at the FBI in order to advance their careers and assure a good future for their children in the good graces of the law of the land in their present and future hometowns.

In the American Mafia, a made man is a fully initiated member of the Mafia. To become “made”, an associate first must be Italian or of Italian descent and sponsored by another made man. An inductee will be required to take the oath of omertà, the mafia code of silence. After the induction ceremony, the associate becomes a “made man” and holds the rank of soldier (Italian: soldato) in the Mafia hierarchy. Made men are the only ones who can rise through the ranks of the Mafia, from soldier to caporegimeconsigliereunderboss, and boss.

And that’s the way they went at the FBI and DOJ. There’s a token drop of Italian or Sicilian blood involved, but who can escape that in America? No, the wiki article is not really referring to Native Americans as such by that term, but the Mob apparently does feel the need to insinuate that connection to maintain control of vice at casinos on Indian reservations etc.

House Democrats left the capital on Friday after passing the $2 trillion coronavirus relief legislation without taking up a Senate bill to temporarily revive three expired F.B.I. surveillance tools for terrorism and espionage investigations, ensuring that the laws will remain lapsed at least until the Senate returns from vacation next month.

New York TImes: House Departs Without Vote to Extend Expired F.B.I. Spy Tools

Climate change propaganda

More lies from the liberal left.

(CNN) — Australia’s Great Barrier Reef has likely experienced its most widespread bleaching event on record, according to a US government scientist who monitors the world’s coral reefs.

The Great Barrier Reef likely just experienced its most widespread bleaching event on record — By Drew Kann, CNN, Thu March 26, 2020

I don’t like the context of this report. Whether it’s in Australia or California, there’s a stereotypical surfer dude or gal with bleached or bottled-blonde hair, and there’s always something a little bit off with that set.

To blame so-called coral “bleaching” on alleged ocean acidification allegedly due to global warming betrays an astounding ignorance of basic chemistry.

And that’s the same crowd which insists that the English term “tidal wave” is a total misnomer, for which they substitute the Japanese 津波 (つなみ、 tsunami) in their preferred style of political correctness.

It would not be unreasonable or illogical to conclude that a bunch of college students or academic researchers having a good time at the beach without a care in the world are “gay” — but it’s a mixed group with enough of both sexes that I wouldn’t say they were “homosexual” or “LGBT” — and in fact there are a lot of haters (of surprising wealth, economic dominance, and political power) in that crowd, and they have no intention of communicating the unvarnished truth of the results of their publicly funded scientific research to the general public.

Another judge! Another judge!

A five-week-long murder trial in Anchorage came to an abrupt stop Wednesday when the judge, in the middle of closing arguments, learned that a family member has tested positive for the new coronavirus. // Anchorage Superior Court Judge Herman Walker quickly left the courthouse to isolate himself and was replaced by another judge.

Anchorage Daily News: Murder trial in Anchorage comes to abrupt halt when judge announces a relative tested positive for coronavirus — by Michelle Theriault Boots

I’m not even sure where to begin. The most effective resistance to this sort of organized crime is generally from the U.S. Marine Corps. The FBI and other civilian law enforcement departments are either ineffectual or on the wrong side of the law in our war on the Chicago Outfit and Five Families crime bosses, and it’s not clear that any of the other branches of the U.S. military are up to the task.

Anchorage is a major world sea port, and could definitely use more of a U.S. Navy and Marine Corps presence in order to more effectively fight an ongoing and persistent foreign invasion and onslaught of serious organized crime and judicial corruption.

And it gets even worse than that.

Prosecutor Dan Shorey offered some words of support to Walker, telling him he hoped his family was OK. // But he wasted no time getting to his next point: Walker needed to leave the courtroom and self-isolate. // “We are asking you to leave right now,” Shorey told Walker, according to audio from the hearing. … Minutes later, Walker was gone and Anchorage Superior Court Judge Josie Garton had taken over the trial.

So the judge was served notice of a lawful diagnosis of Coronavirus® in his family and immediately ordered to leave the bench. Can it get worse that than? Yes, it can, and it did.

Attorneys said they were concerned because they’d approached the bench to confer privately with Walker, coming in close contact with him regularly throughout the trial. … Both prosecutors working the trial are required by the Department of Law to go into a 14-day self-quarantine.

That’s the problem. Why would prosecuting attorneys ever confer so closely with the judge at a murder trial as to risk catching disease by direct transmission? The very thought is absurd and unreasonable. Those prosecutors are “holding back part of the price” at a murder trial. I don’t know what they are hiding, but 14 days is not enough. They need to be disbarred and charged as accessories to murder, attempted murder, murder-for-hire, and a whole laundry list of other serious organized crimes in which they are involved. They really need to be “quarantined” for the rest of their lives for intimidating the judge at a murder trial by making such direct threats to the lives and health of the judge’s family under the cloak of a false and presumptive medical diagnosis, associated epidemiological propaganda, and generated public hysteria.

Democrats expropriate Republicans’ money

We need to stop the Democrats. We need to stop the Democrats at all costs, even at the peril of our own lives.

We can no longer submit to the murder-for-hire orders of Democratic Party crime bosses, city hall bosses and labor-union bosses. There are altogether too many bosses over us, they have far too much authority over every intimate detail of our lives which we think to be private.

On CNN’s “New Day,” Schumer said the provision was aimed not just at Trump “but any major figure in government, Cabinet, Senate, congressmen, if they have majority, they have majority control, they can’t get grants or loans and that makes sense.”

Trump’s businesses barred from bailout money in Senate coronavirus bill

Chuck Schumer is barring all Republicans and other conservatives from any and all access to the proposed bailout money in a Coronavirus® stimulus package intended to benefit Democrats only.

The Democrats, of course, even if they gain such majority control in Congress through their ongoing and bloody coup d’état, will not lose access to the bailout money which they are granting themselves.

Any law passed by Democrats in Congress is, of course, subject to the interpretation of Democratic Party government employees with liberal constructivist courts on their side.

RINO cops made a “deal” with Democrats for gun control as they betrayed conservatives, and went to work as enforcers for Democratic Party mob bosses.

Cream and sugar or just black coffee?

Remember Donald Trump’s “covfefe” tweet? It was supposed to be “coverage” — not “coffee” — according to Wikipedia, but apparently an aggressive auto-correct took it over.

Sometimes there’s too much etiquette and politeness and servitude with a cup of coffee. Is it racist to order your coffee black? Or as some people say, “white” if it has cream, but that is not necessarily to specify the sugar.

I am dubious of the ubiquitous caffè latte and similar drinks served in sometimes sketchy parts of town by a barista, whose main qualification for work is apparently to be female, a rather unfortunate situation that is not much improved upon, either, by hiring men to serve coffee.

For older women it might be helpful to consume milk-based beverages on a regular basis to prevent osteoporosis, but they are mostly capable of brewing their own coffee, and that is not really the target population being served by the younger women.

There is a pervasive, strong, and vicious motive on the part of those female baristas with the court system and law enforcement community on their side to serve alcohol or other drugs or adulterants in the coffee drinks in an effort to get the younger men in bed with them, even if it is at the local hospital after a car accident.

Or else it’s a young woman who orders coffee, maybe even black, nothing in it, but ends up the victim of a “date rape” because the coffee is adulterated.

The concept of “white coffee” is D.O.A. I usually prefer strong black coffee, sometimes a little cream or sugar, but not to make a habit of it, which would be tempting for the “people of the district” to attempt to serve some adulterant substance in my coffee in order to take advantage of me or get me in trouble with their law.

Male depression

Depression is actually more often than not an economic or social situation rather than a psychological issue.

Trump also predicted “suicides by the thousands” if we continue social distancing. “We can social distance ourselves and go to work.”

Trump Predicts ‘Suicides By The Thousands’ If Americans Can’t Get Back To Work
Forbes | Mar 24, 2020,02:43pm EDT

Economic problems are real, and it helps to talk about them and work through them, but “mental health” workers tend to charge a lot of money for what they do, and they have neither the interests nor the qualifications to help patients work out “real life” issues as opposed to solely psychological problems.

“Social distancing” was badly named and even worse applied against an otherwise mild flu-like illness.

Boyfriend-dumping, social exclusion, racial and sexual discrimination, and criminal no-trespassing orders from cop-calling whores do not stop or even slow the spread of disease.

Such behaviors only serve to make the rest of us aware of the existence of a most hideously vicious and cruel red-light district.

The doctors are part of the problem. They circumcise baby boys, and make them feel guilty or ashamed of the imperfection of their body, by such cruel and unnecessary practice of genital mutilation.

If this what doctors do or have done to men, (when they were born, as baby boys,) it is absurd to think that anything they could offer to an adult man would be of any actual benefit or help to him. “Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors” (SSRIs) are commonly prescribed as “anti-depressants.”

“Use of SSRIs negatively affects semen parameters in most studies. In some studies, SSRIs are also shown to reduce DNA integrity. SSRIs can also delay ejaculation. Depression and anxiety can cause reduced libido, erectile dysfunction and delayed ejaculation as well.”

L. Nørr, B. Bennedsen, J. Fedder, E. R. Larsen. Use of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors reduces fertility in men. Andrology, Volume 4, Issue 3. First published: 28 March 2016

This is more or less what the doctors did to Alan Turing, the famous WWII Allied hero, codebreaker, and computer scientist, against his will, by a malicious and low-ranking court order.

There is a general idea that seems on the surface to be heartless and cruel: that a man is “depressed” or “down” because “he can’t get it up” or “he isn’t man enough,” etc. etc.

He only needs to pull himself up by the bootstraps, and “man up” to cure his depression.

The reality is not as gender-specific as they want it to be. The advice (or ’vice) to “man up” is no different from dehumanizing a woman and telling her she needs to be a “real human being” rather than a heartless bitch.

There is something off with the whole practice of medicine. When it isn’t enough to say no to unnecessary surgery and medications, it becomes necessary to thoroughly punish the doctors and their establishments out of their vices and habits of offering such unnecessary treatments on an involuntary basis.

This is ultimately why we as a society are finding it so necessary to punish medical doctors into compliance with every possible law, rule, regulation, even to the last jot and tittle.

Health Care Fraud News, Press releases, stories, and other information on FBI health care fraud investigations.

These are bad doctors. They must be held accountable even to the last penny as they are punished for their quackery, financial fraud, and malpractice.

The doctors must be further punished out their aggressive diagnosis and treatment of women with breast and cervical cancer.

Such fraudulent diagnosis leads to hair loss, indigestion, and other bodily damage due to radiation and chemo therapy, and mutilation by unnecessary cutting around.

The Roman term “circumcision” includes such practices as dilatation and curettage (D&C) mutilation of the mother’s genitals as well as the infant’s, back-alley legal abortions and Caesarean sections which never heal properly in a woman’s body, as a natural birth.

The term in Latin means “cutting around” according to the established and fixed custom and practice of the ancient Roman Empire.

Some of those Roman emperors were rather “queer” to practice all that cutting around, and that’s when some of the Spaniards got off the property with all their swords, guns, and all the weaponry they could muster.

It is definitely time to “man up” or “woman up” or start being a real human in any case.