Joe Biden is a warmonger and an imposter

During an interview broadcast Sunday on CBS News’ “60 Minutes” program, Biden said he thought the biggest threat to the United States right now, in the sense of breaking our security and our alliances, it’s Russia.”

La Prensa Latina: Biden says Russia is biggest threat to US, China a competitor

Joe Biden obviously has vested interests in Ukrainian criminal networks and other European Mafia cárteles through his son Hunter’s involvement with Burisma Holdings Limited, Brociti Investments Limited, and other corrupt involvements with other companies, including Société Systèmes Électifs Dominion, Scytl Secure Electronic Voting, Sociedad Anónima, and Service Point Solutions, Sociedad Anónima.

Donald Trump is a President of law and order, and should remain in office until we can have an election without such massive fraud and extortion as we have witnessed so far this year in a rigged and corrupt election, that was held amids rioting, epidemic of disease, and unconcealed criminal ballot-stuffing activities.

Evidence of voter fraud

People on the ground in Germany report that Scytl, which hosts US elections data (improperly) through Spain, was raided by a large US army force and that their Servers were seized in Frankfurt, Germany.

BREAKING! The US Military Has Raided And Seized GERMAN Servers Tied To Dominion Voter Fraud Computers! USSA News, November 13, 2020

Justice Department Releases Information on Election Day Efforts to Protect the Right to Vote and Prosecute Ballot Fraud

Free period products?

The Scottish Parliament voted unanimously to pass a measure that makes free period products available to anyone who needs them, the first country to do so.

Tackling ‘Period Poverty,’ Scotland Is 1st Nation to Make Sanitary Products Free

Shower and a change of clothes? I didn’t think so either. The rapists are doping the street ladies with powerful anesthetics and other recrational drugs via a feminine suppository. They did that in the Arizona prison system, too.

The Arizona Department of Corrections announced Wednesday that it is changing its policy and will provide free tampons to inmates. 

Last week, the department also announced it would triple the minimum number of pads that inmates receive per month to 36, from 12.

The change also waives a fee to make a medical appointment for any inmate who needed additional feminine-hygiene products because of medical issues. 

Arizona prisons will now give female inmates free tampons, Feb 21 ,2018

Every police department in America is Scottish, with the whole kilt-and-bagpipes bit at official funerals and other social functions. There’s a little girl or an old lady, and the Klansmen are pressing sex charges aganst “that guy” just on her say-so.

A protester in Portland definitely surprised the police last weekend, after waltzing into a crowded protest pretty much naked (with the exception of a beanie).

Portland woman praised as hero for confronting police totally naked

Police corruption and official misconduct

It’s part of the Democratic Party (or RINO = Republican In Name Only) political machine in any given city in America. “America,” I say, but we can definitely include Toronto on that score.

Alaska, now? That’s par for the course straight out of Toronto.

Once again, it’s time to crack down on public corruption and putrefaction of law in Alaska.

And he said unto them, Cast the net on the right side of the ship, and ye shall find. They cast therefore, and now they were not able to draw it for the multitude of fishes.

— John 21:6
  • FPD Investigations: “The Property Crime unit also participates in a procedure called the Retail Theft Program (RTP).  This program is intended to provide alternative reporting methods to major retail stores in Fairbanks to lessen the impact of shoplifting on the patrol division.  It enables participating stores to inform the Fairbanks Police Department of detainments for investigation of misdemeanor theft (shoplifting) and/or criminal trespass incidents via a written report form.”

Obviously such “incidents” are not investigated but arbitrarily charged and punished.

Why do people smoke and drink in the extreme cold?

Tobacco smoke is a vasoconstrictor. Alcohol is a vasodilator.

People who smoke always have the means and ability to start a fire at hand. They and their families have a better chance at survival in extreme cold weather.

Having hypothermia is somewhat similar to being drunk. Ethanol and small amounts of methanol in alcoholic drinks stimulate metabolism.

We are still not sure how habits or practices of drinking alcohol to great excess evolved. Probably procreation when extremely drunk is involved an evolutionary sense.

USA’s 2020 Presidential election

The election has been “called” by the Mainstream Media — mainly the AP/Reuters-dominated Establishment German state media — in favor of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the Democratic Party hopefuls. The mobbing behaviour of the press, and the gratuitous manner of speaking of Joe Biden’s victory as a foregone conclusion “by the way” in subordinate clauses without directly repeating the claim as fact — is a strong indicator of deception or lying.

There are reports of a raid on a data centre in Germany and a seizure of computer servers used by Canada-based Dominion Voting Systems Corp. and Spanish firm Scytl Secure Electronic Voting, S.A. because of fraud allegations arising from the use of associated software systems for the 2020 general elections in the USA.

[Rep. Louie] Gohmert mentioned that the company [Scytl] was now based in Germany and that German Chancellor Angela Merkel called on President Donald Trump to concede defeat to former Vice President Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election.

Scytl Server Raid: Rep. Louie Gohmert Brings Up Twitter Rumor
The US Military Has Raided And Seized Servers In Germany Tied To The Dominion Election System

Are makeup and jewelry sinful?

As preached in some ultra-conservative churchs. They want to get little girls on board with adult cosmetics.

New York (CNN Business) — Ulta Beauty is opening up mini cosmetics shops inside of Target stores starting next year to try to sell makeup and skincare to more shoppers.

— CNN: Ulta is opening up mini shops inside Target stores

I’m not in the mood for “righteous” preaching about anything, but I’m starting to become concerned about the effects of chemicals on the skin in a social environment of vice. There is money in beauty, and money in making women feel ugly so that they have to spend money to look and feel beautiful. And there’s a tattoo parlor next door, where people go for permanent modification of appearances. And “the usual” hair and nail salons, and the chemicals they do in the “biz”.

Is it vain? What is vanity? By definition it is futility, fruitless toil, or labor to win or gain something that cannot be won or gained. Waste of money perhaps, but it is not fitting to work so hard to oppose vice, either. Some of it is evil, and much more evil is hidden than that which is apparent to the naked eye.

Older women sometimes have skin that is not very nice where they have worn too much “makeup” over the years without allowing the skin to breathe. Their husbands on the other hand probably skipped the makeup, might have worn a beard, and their skin is often relatively smooth despite their age when they shave it off. Which makes me think of a variety of shaving cream and aftershave products marketed to men. Or men’s “deodorant” versus women’s perfume. There is too much feel-good health-and-beauty product and service going on, and it’s sold by making people feel ashamed of going without it.

MH and vice

More on Psychology Today.

The practices of psychology and psychiatry are all about “healing” people by forcing regimens of diet, drugs, and / or therapy on them against their will.

Someone has an agenda of vice, because I really don’t think there needs to be wild sex with a hot man in bed for every woman every single night, or that anything is abnormal if this is not the case.

Of course there are “marriages of convenience” between couples who do not have a bona fide love interest in the relationship, but most people really do need to work, prepare and eat meals, clean up, and, well, sleep in bed most nights, and get a good night’s rest most of the time at least, even if it is really boring.

Some women do drugs as a substitute for sex, and others become “cold” and stay in a relationship with a man for money, stability or other reasons, but if a man is a man, he can put his foot down and leave without the psychological nonsense.

But if someone is trying to say no to being raped or live as “sister and brother” with a romantic interest — we think there are other relationships and undisclosed unfaithfulness going on.

Why is it wrong to cut hands off thieves?

Under the country’s strict Islamic penal code, theft “on the first occasion” is punishable by the amputation of up to four fingers. In most cases, however, prison sentences are handed down for theft instead — and the most severe punishments are generally only handed down to adults.

Iranian teens convicted of stealing reportedly will have fingers chopped off

We don’t like this.

Let him that stole steal no more: but rather let him labour, working with his hands the thing which is good, that he may have to give to him that needeth.

Ephesians 4:28

The verse from the Christian Bible predates Mohammed by more than 300 years, but certainly not the practice of amputating limbs as punishment for crime. The Bible verse here does not even suggest a prison sentence.

A court-ordered restitution, with civil fines or community service, seems to be the limit of punishment suggested here. Death is clearly excessive, whereas a thief with his hands cut off will sit idly on the disability rolls and continue to steal by consuming food, clothing, housing and other essentials of life while failing to engage in productive activity to replace that which he consumes in daily living.

Prison is even costlier than other forms of housing, and prisoners have to be served like kings; they cannot farm, cook and prepare their own food all on their own; guards have to be paid, etc. Prisoners, in effect, are still stealing for as long as they are in prison, with no other way to survive, and there is at this time a large and corrupt Prison-Industrial Complex labor union in the United States.

Are there other ways to stop the steal?

The removal of temptation, such as the common encouragement at parking lots for drivers not to leave valuables in their car, is one thing; but that does not stop the tampering with and theft of the motor vehicles themselves.

Are store owners who display jewelry in their windows guilty of encouraging theft? Are women with long hair “unveiled” guity of encouraging other women to cut it off?

Some limits to the stealing are necessary. Not all property is community property.

Arbitrary or cruel and unusual punishments handed out without the due process of law are not appropriate, either.

The removal of the ability or temptation to steal cannot really be the answer in all cases, either.

Locker-room bully policies

For example, very little will stand in the way of Biden’s pledge to allow transgender service members to serve openly in the military. It would take only an executive order to reverse Trump’s 2017 ban on most transgender Americans from joining the military.

This is because “there will be no need to redevelop guidance, restudy options, redraft regulatory language, or retrain anybody,” concluded the paper published by the Palm Center, a think tank at the University of California, Santa Barbara. “Everything needed already exists in current military guidance and remains a part of current military practice.”


Transgender women are not gay men. They do not wish to be bullied in the men’s locker rooms or subjected to false accusations of sexual harassment, rape, assault, battery, and so on and so forth if they are assigned to women’s locker rooms and the other women are made aware of their transgender status.

It’s nothing but an Absalom policy, to hang a transgender person by the hair in an oak tree in the men’s barracks in the military.

There’s no medical assistance, nothing to correct birth deformities of sexual organs.

Nothing new is going on here under Joe Stalin-Biden. The induction of transgender persons into the lowest ranks of the military is only an effort to put them out as cannon fodder. Being transgender is only a felony charge at court-martial waiting to happen, and no rank above private in the military is possible under any circumstances, under long-standing practices and rigid religious interpretations of military regulations.