The Iranian missile attacks

The Iranian missile attacks on U.S. military assets located in Iraq did not appear intended to cause direct attributable loss of life. Instead Iran is flaunting “established” rules of engagement and assumed international conventions for warfare in collaboration with the U.S. Democratic Party’s restraint on any possible retaliation, with the same modus operandi as Hezbollah’s rocket attacks on Israel from Palestinian territories.

The Iranian mullahs and military generals have appropriated to themselves a “knight’s honor,” and in so doing they have deprived us of all possibility of decency in our response to their progressive encroachments, continual intimidations, hostile influence over the mainstream media, and ongoing left-wing anti-war environmental and other foreign-motivated political activism in the United States, much of which was the handiwork of the late general Qassem Soleimani.

That is why comparisons are drawn to the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, which “officially” started the First World War.

Certainly it is part of enemy propaganda to name a popular culture music band after an enemy Axis leader definitely on the same side if not quite contemporaneous with Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

Axis territories at that time were notorious for the opium dens and drug dealing activity which destroyed a thriving culture of classical music and fine arts. Not only heroin, but cocaine, amphetamines, Marijuana, and artificial hallucinogens were popular. The arts became abstract, jarring, and surreal, and genres of rock, jazz, and techno rap replaced the traditional classical music of Europe, as composers and musicians became hooked on drugs.

Those territories turned into a red-light district straight out of hell as the court system devolved into an arbitrary dispensation of street justice by Nazi cops.

Now Donald Trump is threatening some 52 cultural sites in Iran.

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