Lebanon’s “travel ban” on Carlos Ghosn

This is not a hostile action by Lebanon against Nissan executive Carlos Ghosn. There’s an international arrest warrant out for the guy, and Lebanon is still harboring him.

Ghosn issued a statement — his second this week — seeking to distance his Lebanese wife and family from any role in his escape.


Nevertheless, Japan has issued an arrest warrant for Ghosn’s wife.

Carlos calls it a “coup” to take him down.

But that’s all relative to one’s moral point of view, and to what extent Nissan or the auto makers and auto unions collectively are considered a state or a government unto themselves.

Middle class America is deep in hock to drive a brand new car to a low-paying job that really cannot support that mandatory minimum “high California” standard of living dictated by the Democratic Party in the United States, for those who are wealthy enough to live and support their families without public assistance.

Serious organized crime is the major cause of the great class discrepancy that has opened up especially in highly populated areas of California among other major metropolitan areas.

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