Persecution and harassment of “Targeted Individuals”

There is a truth-or-consequences moment whenever the subject of “targeted individuals” is brought up. There is a great deal of effort to discredit us and everything we say.

“Perps” or perpetrators, as they have sometimes been known, play it as a cat-and-mouse game. They hire on as security or local police somewhere, and they revel in establishing a certain psychological superiority over the individuals they target or single out for harassment or lifelong intrusive government investigation.

It is a sad and undeniable fact that some people harass, tease and pick on other people, and that they usurp positions of authority and use high technology to continue childish playground bullying on into adulthood without letup.

Some people are very disturbed by “gangstalking” and related information posted on the internet, and they insist that “targeted individuals” are delusional. If people are claiming to be the victims of “mind control,” then they certainly are not denying that they are in some respects “delusional.”

It occurs to me that there are gangs (“street” or not) that deal hallucinogenic drugs including Marijuana, and they do victimize their consumers, as much as possible to foster dependency and addiction. An entire industry of so-called “mental health” has grown up to cloak and enable drug dependency and addiction. The involuntary administration of mind-altering substances must be held suspect, whether it occurs under color of law via civil commitment, or by drug dealers with motives of human trafficking on the wrong side of the law.

A couple of peer-reviewed articles on gang-stalking have been published in academic journals, and they do allude to a breakdown in moral, ethical, and technological boundaries between criminal networks and law enforcement networks.

Dr. Desurmont has also published other articles critical of establishment psychiatry in the French language.

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