The “men’s rights” movement

I am not really sure how well “men’s rights” hangs together as a coherent movement or effective activism. The U.S. Bureau of Prisons keeps statistics on inmate gender.

Over ninety percent of prisoners are male. We cannot reasonably discuss the “human rights” or “civil rights” of defendants in criminal cases without coming around to “men’s rights.” I don’t believe that most men mean to exclude women from a certain “brotherly” conception of human rights.

Human society is mostly male-dominated. Certainly not all men, and by no means any 50% of the population are in a position of power and dominance. There is often a certain respect to a lady on the block, but mostly it is men who violate the rights of other men, and a lot of wars have been fought throughout history, mainly by men, for this reason.

As far as medical care goes, men talk about being routinely circumcised as newborns, but there are plenty of C-sections, plastic surgeries, abortions, overly aggressive diagnoses of breast cancer, and other unnecessary butcheries and “cutting around” undergone mostly by women. Politicians and doctors talk about “choice” but the truth is not in a philosophical choice or free will, often as it is under the influence of narcotics or other mind-altering substances as prescribed, but in the irremediable lifelong pain and suffering caused by such unnecessary operations.

There are also excruciating dress codes in various professional and social settings, which men are perceived to be “gays” or “gangsters” if they violate. Women are not generally subject to such dress codes, but again, it is mostly men who enforce such things against other men.

“Toxic masculinity”

There is a persistent idea or meme that masculinity is “toxic.” It is almost Catholic, like that impossible sin of violating the purity of the Virgin Mary. Certain women hold to ideals of purity, cleanliness, and being immaculate to a point of excess, and when they say that men or boys are “toxic,” it is almost more a sense of “intoxication” inasmuch as being enamored of the male sex, or imagining oneself swooning or being swept away in love, and so on and so forth.

One could well surmise that it was the serpent itself in the Garden of Eden that was so venomous, rather than the tree of which the serpent spoke, having been endowed with a voice. What we do know here is that we have reached a point of great deception, and nothing is to be taken at face value without thorough examination.

Another “brother.”

Forgive our lawmakers for falling short: Congressional Hits and Misses

There’s a chaplain in the House of Representatives. Dude, they don’t forgive any of us when we “fall short” of any of the damned laws they’re so busy making all the time. VAWA, Gun Control, Mental Health and all that.

The Bible talks about “speaking in tongues” …

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