“Girl crime” and police misconduct

Given the extreme gender ratio among inmates of U.S. prisons,

it goes without saying, that all manner of crime committed by females is rampant and all but unprosecuted throughout the United States.

Of course this does not occur without the protection and complicity of their male protectors and guardians who accord them a certain polite social privilege under the harsh and unrelenting codes of omertà and respect that continue to govern America in spite of the Constitution.

“Girl crime” is often characterized by criminal misuse of the 911 emergency dispatch system to make false police reports, often little more than arbitrary trespass orders that go on permanent record barring certain targeted individuals from otherwise public places of business.

Over time, such areas become notorious as red-light districts, but the names of their victims remain slandered, and that horrible blot of libel on the court dockets is never removed in time in this life.

There is often enough an insinuation without so much as an accusation of shoplifting or other petty crimes or alleged sexual offenses: nothing that could be contested in court, but always that same vicious work of establishing “circumstances” on the record likely to be perceived as favorable to frame a targeted individual on more serious criminal charges in the future.

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