Cops got family

The cops in Alaska have a strong labor union in solidarity with local labor-friendly businesses as well as other associations and fraternal orders to assist in their continual crackdown on the poor, the disarmed, and the disenfranchised, and to further the vicious ends of Democratic Party organized crime under color of law.

Yes, the cops have families, and they are very happy about that, with a fat budget from city hall to hire more officers to enforce Democratic Party mob rule throughout Alaska.

Dr Anna Sergi, senior lecturer in criminology at the University of Essex, agrees. “The Five Families are far happier than they have been in the past,” she tells the BBC. They are forging international links with Mexican and Colombian drug cartels, as well as the ’Ndrangheta from Italy’s Calabria region.

New York Mafia: What’s happening to the Five Families? By Toby Luckhurst, BBC News 14 March 2019

The law, or what passes for law in Alaska, is always solid Democrat blue, straight out of city hall, regardless of the votes or wishes of the people. To this day, Usibelli, Rasmuson, and other ruling families in Alaska maintain deep ties to Chicago and New York crime syndicates through city hall and Democratic Party municipal government.

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  1. It was John “No Nose” DiFronzo of the Chicago Outfit who ordered an Alaska Native woman’s nose cut off. She was or is the author or owner of the blog

    Now he has been dead for almost two years, and Chicago City Hall is out for “fresh blood,” according to that news article.

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