Eight “tells” of dishonesty from a former FBI agent

  1. speak in absolutes, ‘always’ and ‘never’
    • “Absolutes” are characteristic of abstract concepts, not concrete occurrences.
  2. brag by downplaying accomplishments
    • Are you looking for a job? How are you supposed to talk about the things you’ve done?
  3. try to please by judging people you know
    • Some of us have mortal enemies in this life, and we seek friends or at least allies who will not betray us to our enemies.
  4. highly defensive
    • Many of us have been attacked, and unjustly accused, time and time again. We constantly have to defend ourselves to stay alive, stay out of jail, and stay out of the mental hospital or psychiatric ward.
  5. love to debate
    • We can’t be a doormat in this life. We have to make our points, and hold to our principles, even when other people disagree.
  6. talk too much and say too little
    • We’re sick and tired of the left’s continual and progressive legal attacks on us for our speech and writing.
  7. don’t know how to apologize
    • Yeah, it’s like we’re supposed to have a white guilt pity party, and apologize for the Holocaust, or something like that, as if we identify so strongly with our captors, tormentors and oppressors that we should apologize on their behalf for their inhumanly cruel conduct.
  8. uncomfortable body language
    • When we, as targeted individuals, are uncomfortable, it is obviously because we are lying or not telling the truth. Yet when certain “other people” are uncomfortable around us, it is obviously because we are doing something criminal and wrong, and they have every right to file a whole slew of restraining orders, no-contact orders, protective orders, and criminal trespass orders against us.

These eight points were raised by a “retired FBI special agent and former chief of the Counterintelligence Behavioral Analysis Program.”


Unfortunately all of these psychological tells, or rather fortune-teller lie-detector signs, or “red flags,” are highly subjective, and used by politically motivated popular culture “experts” to distort the facts and truth beyond recognition in court as they continually pursue their vicious and unfounded criminal and civil cases against us.

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