Hope Hicks is back at the White House

Hicks was a communications director for Donald Trump from 2017 through March 2018, when she resigned over an allegation, or rather, tongue-in-cheek confession, of “white lies” and went to work for Fox News as a chief communications officer and executive V.P.

There is a lot of argument and pettiness over Hicks’ work history. There is always some awkwardness associated with youth, inexperience, and changing roles in one’s career, but that can be a strength when others are too established, too professional, and a little bit too experienced at what they do. Hicks may be a good fit after all for Trump’s style, which is very brash and off-the-cuff, without the excessive respect for establishment, etiquette, protocol and politeness.

Is she or was she a “fashion model?”

If you work or have business interests at any notable level in the clothing industry, it is rather impolitic to appear in public in your competitor’s clothes. Otherwise a skeptical public will ask, “Why is this woman selling clothes to us that she won’t wear herself?”

Clothing is a basic human need, on par with food and shelter, and the “fashion model” question is somewhat moot because anyone with that high a political profile has to be a “model” in some sense or another.

The most important question, now, for Hope Hicks, is whether she can present a case to the public, why voters, and especially women voters, should vote for Donald Trump to keep him in the White House for a second term.

Donald Trump himself makes a good case to other men; at the same time, female voters tend to be a contentious battleground for the Republican Party, and Trump can cartainly benefit from a female perspective campaigning for reelection in 2020.

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