FBI’s crackdown on medical doctors

I read the Health Care Fraud News from the FBI’s website, and I believe civilian law enforcement is far too lenient on the medical profession. The doctors who short us in bed cannot be allowed to make up for it at work. Joseph, the husband of Mary, was not a fool. There were no medical instruments in their possession, nor did they perform unnecessary surgery in the filthy stable where the baby Jesus was born.

And Jesus answering said unto them, They that are whole need not a physician; but they that are sick.

Luke 5:31

I believe those doctors were already tried and convicted in the courts of the Most High when they first thought to take the knife to an innocent newborn babe — or even one not yet born. All that remains for them in this life is to serve out their temporal punishment under the letter of the law as harshly as we can mete it out to them, until at long last their souls are delivered to Satan for that everlasting torment in the flames of hell fire, the eternal damnation which they have so richly merited by their temporal works on this earth.

They are no longer human, those doctors, but cunning monsters and beasts of prey, bent with an unnatural appetite for drugging and butchering human beings. If we were men, we would put them to death, justly and without hesitation or fear of retribution on our part, for every tiny error, mistake, omission or oversight on their part.

But we are not men. We are only mice and lab rats to the trials of involuntary experimentation of modern medicine. Human flesh is but meat for the carnage to those wicked doctors, WHO, Planned Parenthood, and all the rest.

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