John F. Clark is causing trouble

The primary role of the USMS in providing protection for the judicial branch of government and in executing that branch’s continuity of operations/government plan.

Domestic Preparedness. Commentary. “John F. Clark, Director, U.S. Marshals Service” by JOHN MORTON, Wed, May 16, 2007

The U.S. Marshals Service website is at

John F. Clark is no longer employed there, but as President and CEO of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children®, on behalf of which he has issued a statement to people of certain financial means.

So what’s new? Government employees and ex-employees have a “plan” for totalitarian surveillance and forcible human trafficking, and it’s “for the children.”

… we are alarmed by the continued march toward end-to-end encryption without safeguards for children. We call on you to implement technological solutions that enhance consumer privacy while prioritizing child safety. Robust safeguards should transfer to a child’s digital experience in an end-to-end encrypted environment. Without proper protections, children will be even more susceptible to potential online sexual exploitation. And countless survivors of child sexual abuse will continue to suffer knowing images depicting their sexual abuse are being shared with impunity. We appeal to you to adopt the following Principles to Safeguard Children in End-to-End Encrypted Environments: It is our collective responsibility as a society to protect our children and only you can take these steps to better protect children online. We ask you to commit to these principles and look forward to working with you in our mutual efforts to protect children.

Yahoo Finance: An open letter from NCMEC to the technology industry

That was the wrong place to post an anti-encryption diatribe. Rich folks who follow financial news are sick and tired of those thieves in law, ex-marshals, disreputable bounty-hunters, bail bondsmen, skip tracers, and others of that “community” who are continually hacking into their bank accounts and stealing their money online, kidnapping their children and holding them for ransom under color of law, stealing identities, and filing absurdly false criminal charges for the purpose of harassing and persecuting them to fulfill their adverse political motives of greed, self-dealing, and law-enforcement labor-union totalitarianism.

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