The pro-marijuana political field

The Democratic Party is highly addicted to marijuana, and running almost exclusively on that single issue, to the detriment and ruin of the entire country.

Although it remains an illicit drug at the federal level, it’s been medically legalized by 33 states, with 11 of those states also allowing for adult-use consumption. It’s also a substance that two-thirds of Americans would like to see legalized, according to Gallup. If president, Bernie Sanders has pledged to end this bifurcation by legalizing marijuana.

Bernie Sanders and Marijuana: Everything You Need to Know

Two-thirds of Americans, eh? That’s a lot of peer pressure from the Establishment.

“Come on. Everybody else it doing it. Why don’t you smoke some weed with us?”

Fortunately for us, it is not the truth. There are a lot of Democrats in Congress, but no 2/3 supermajority of us are voting for them. Most of us — even if we would otherwise find it pleasurable or be so inclined — don’t want the weed, because we have to get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle or make sound decisions at work, stay out of jail, and stay out of the damned mental hospitals where they really torture us most hideously for opposing their political agenda.

Warren … has been a prolific co-sponsor of cannabis bills on Capitol Hill. She is a lead sponsor of the STATES Act, which would provide more protections for states with recreational or medical marijuana markets, and a cosponsor of the MORE Act and the Marijuana Justice Act, both of which would remove marijuana from the list of banned substances under federal law. She also is lead sponsor of a bill to protect veterans who legally work in the marijuana industry.

Warren’s new plan goes well beyond legalization. She also wants to scrap past federal cannabis convictions and find ways to give people with prior convictions an advantage if they want to work in the legal marijuana industry. In addition, she supports banking access for cannabis companies and permitting veterans to use marijuana without fear of federal punishment.

How Elizabeth Warren would legalize marijuana and fight ‘Big Tobacco’

Elizabeth Warren is going to fight Big Marijuana’s war on “Big Tobacco.” These are the usual DNC deals that go down in a smoke-filled boiler room downtown Chicago somewhere. It’s just like Al Capone’s heyday in the Roaring Twenties. There was Prohibition, but everybody ignored it because there was always a doctor to write a prescription for a shot of good liquor for this or that ailment, and the government was satisfied to have unlimited access to detailed medical records and know exactly who all the drunkards were. But the Dems have omitted our civil rights (of which they are so inexplicably proud these days) and allowed the Chicago Outfit take over the entire law enforcement and criminal justice system throughout the United States.

Do we really need to “legalize” that crap? Some black kid on an inner city block ends up being charged with felony loitering or trespassing in lieu of charges for possession of an ounce or two of the weed with intent to distribute, while Chicago’s mostly white male mobsters are implicitly allowed to smuggle in bales of several tons of the stuff at a time by land, sea and air with total impunity, regardless of any actual laws on the books.

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