Coronavirus® hits the royals

(CNN) — Spain’s Princess Maria Teresa of Bourbon-Parma has become the first royal in the world to die from coronavirus, according to a statement from her brother, Prince Sixto Enrique. Spanish princess becomes first royal to die from coronavirus For one thing, she — or Her Royal Highness or Majesty — was 86 years old. I don’t […]

Coronavirus® at boot camp?

It’s not exactly a happy situation for all involved, but at least we should be getting somewhere toward a better analysis of the etiology and epidemiology of Coronavirus®. A coronavirus outbreak has infected dozens of Marine recruits and staff members at the service’s East Coast recruit training center, prompting the suspension of additional arrivals for the foreseeable […]

Dentists, oral surgeons & orthodontists be damned!

Seth Lookhart was convicted Friday of 46 counts, including felony medical assistance fraud and scheming to defraud, and misdemeanor counts of illegally practicing dentistry and reckless endangerment, prosecutors said. Dentist who pulled teeth while riding hoverboard convicted of fraud — USA Today / Associated Press Forty-six counts? That charlatan should have been punished out of […]

Vice and mob rule won’t stop COVID-19®

Labor-union local government-mandated stay-at-home orders are being enforced by pimps and mob bosses in a drastic attempt to contain what is mostly a “subclinical” or mild flu- or cold-like illness which in reality has not caused any significant increase in the natural rate of mortality beyond “the usual” colds and flus of the season. “All […]

PATRIOT Act provisions expire

Republicans, [Rep. Thomas] Massie and Senator Rand Paul have been vocal critics of the Patriot Act’s surveillance provisions, including one that allows the FBI to get court orders through the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to collect business records on suspects in national security investigations. Intelligence Community Will Temporarily Lose Some Surveillance PowersBy Eva McKend Washington, […]

Climate change propaganda

More lies from the liberal left. (CNN) — Australia’s Great Barrier Reef has likely experienced its most widespread bleaching event on record, according to a US government scientist who monitors the world’s coral reefs. The Great Barrier Reef likely just experienced its most widespread bleaching event on record — By Drew Kann, CNN, Thu March […]

Another judge! Another judge!

A five-week-long murder trial in Anchorage came to an abrupt stop Wednesday when the judge, in the middle of closing arguments, learned that a family member has tested positive for the new coronavirus. // Anchorage Superior Court Judge Herman Walker quickly left the courthouse to isolate himself and was replaced by another judge. Anchorage Daily […]

Democrats expropriate Republicans’ money

We need to stop the Democrats. We need to stop the Democrats at all costs, even at the peril of our own lives. We can no longer submit to the murder-for-hire orders of Democratic Party crime bosses, city hall bosses and labor-union bosses. There are altogether too many bosses over us, they have far too […]

Cream and sugar or just black coffee?

Remember Donald Trump’s “covfefe” tweet? It was supposed to be “coverage” — not “coffee” — according to Wikipedia, but apparently an aggressive auto-correct took it over. Sometimes there’s too much etiquette and politeness and servitude with a cup of coffee. Is it racist to order your coffee black? Or as some people say, “white” if […]

Male depression

Depression is actually more often than not an economic or social situation rather than a psychological issue. Trump also predicted “suicides by the thousands” if we continue social distancing. “We can social distance ourselves and go to work.” Trump Predicts ‘Suicides By The Thousands’ If Americans Can’t Get Back To WorkForbes | Mar 24, 2020,02:43pm […]