Bernie Sanders is (in fact) a communist!

“PolitiFact” — “The Poynter Institute” — is calling out Scott Walker for saying so:

Sanders visited the Soviet Union on a kinda-sorta honeymoon and has praised communist leaders in the past. Walker offers no hard evidence of his claim, which one expert calls “scare-mongering.”

PolitiFact | No, Bernie Sanders is not a communist

These are the lily-white male limousine liberals who run “institutes” or “institutions” to put away anyone who disagrees with them politically as “mentally ill.”

They’re “kinda-sorta” gay but not really because God hates fags etc. And PolitiFact / Poynter Institute gets to decide who’s an expert and who’s “scare-mongering,” which wouldn’t really be worth paying attention to, except that those liberals really are calling “expert” witnesses in court to press 9/11 terrorism charges for said “scare-mongering.”

Sanders’ policies line up with democratic socialism — which focuses on democratically achieved expansion of social welfare programs — not communist hallmarks like authoritarian rule, government ownership of all private property or an end to capitalism.

The differences between socialism and communism, of course, are a lot finer than the left would let on in polite discourse. We may equally well ask for the exact distinction between society and community, or between social and communal ownership of property deemed no longer private.

And if Sanders intends to achieve such a dramatic expansion of social welfare programs, how does he intend to do this without exercising authoritarian government rule to seize private property via taxation and other means?

And how else can he cultivate such a dependency on social welfare benefit programs but by viciously excluding from the workforce of any number of professions certain classes of persons who might be labeled for life, e.g. “adjudicated as a mental defective,” among other slanderous character slurs and assassinations?

And of course such liberal nonsense is enforced as law (under color of law) on NICS, the no-fly list, and various other government databases of personæ non gratæ maintained by the self-same authoritarian “big government” of which such “liberal” Nazi skinheads remain in denial.

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