Do the Catholics hold Mass?

Papacy and priestly celibacy are abhorrent doctrines to us Protestants. The masses are the lower classes of common folk. If Mass is held in church, then this must be to the benefit of precisely these masses, even High Mass with Holy Communion for the ones who most need to be uplifted.

Any religious Mass must by nature entail alms for the poor, to include such things as are immediately necessary for the salvation of body and soul, but one cannot minister to the poor as from a higher station in life, whilst continuing to oppress them with progressive policies rife with communism, socialism, and denialism.

Religious alms and charity are often confused with doling out food and sundries in order to fulfill a perfunctory social duty. The food and sundries are indeed necessary — for the rich as well as the poor — but not sufficient for temporal or eternal salvation. True alms and charity must entail basic human compassion, restraint from prosecution and punishment, and a decent respect to other human beings, as well as equal rights and equal pay for a job well done.

High Mass should require that even the poorest of the poor be lifted up at least to that measure of equality with the ministers and parishioners, because no alms will ever save the souls of those who continue to use such vicious and evil practices of psychiatry and psychology, under color of law, to progressively blacklist us and deny us our gun rights along with numerous related rights of employment, trade, commerce, and even sport. Nothing can save them from their own lies when they falsely claim to be “healing” us or “providing” some benefit or help to our health by such wicked medical or “mental health” practices.

But what else can we expect from the ‘ABC’ medical cartel, which so viciously practices Abortion, Birth control, and Circumcision?

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