Jussie Smollett re-indicted again on new (old) charges

>>> The Illinois  Supreme Court rejected former “Empire” star Jussie Smollett‘s request to throw out charges that accuse him of staging a racist, homophobic attack in Chicago.

>>> The mayor of Chicago believes Jussie Smollett is guilty of staging a racist, homophobic attack against himself last year and has vowed to make sure the actor is held accountable.

Jussie Smollett’s bid to get charges thrown out rejected by Illinois Supreme CourtJussie Smollett needs to be held accountable for ‘total hoax,’ wasting police resources, Chicago mayor says

The United States’ First Civil War ended 155 years ago. The false claim of “wasting police resources” was also made in the case of Bethany Storro of Vancouver, Washington, 10 years ago, according to The Columbian.

It is getting time for all good men to come to the aid of their country and hold these crooked cops, judges, and mayors accountable on capital charges of high treason. This “government” has run rampant, utterly destroyed our lives, and totally deprived us of all notions of liberty, freedom, and beneficial ownership of private property.

A Second Civil War is now necessary and altogether fitting and proper in order to vanquish, defeat, and annihilate the Chicago Outfit, the Five Families of New York City, and all other Democratic Party associates who hold to the side of that Evil One through whose envy came death originally into the world, that once more freedom could ring in the benighted and impoverished land of our present captivity.

One might speak of such matters as with great sadness — but, Oh! To think of the rejoicing and exultation we shall experience when we shall have won this Second Civil War in America, and put down those cruel and merciless criminal enemies who have so violently taken over the police stations and courthouses in our land and so strictly prohibited us from bearing arms on our own behalf.

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