The faux Nazi hunt

More from New York Times on the vicious subject of Nazi hunting. And what’s new? They have a ‘race’ and they’re prosecuting someone.

The Mission to Hunt Nazis Has Become a Race Against Time
The latest target was a 94-year-old man in Tennessee said to have been a guard at a concentration camp in Germany. “These people are old, and they’re dying,” a prosecutor said of the cases’ urgency.

I am sorry, but these prosecutors are running too much of a Jewish red-light district out of New York. That some old man was at one time a guard at a concentration camp is not enough to convict him.

It is not clear from that that he personally murdered or tortured anyone. People had a job to do in those days; they had to do something for money, wages or profit just to survive; and yes, that was a horrible regime under Adolf Hitler, but we have to take all that in context. He likely had to do what he was told, under orders, by strict martial law. Some guards were likely more compassionate than others, and did what they could to save the lives of their prisoners and offer them ways to freedom if possible, even at the peril of their own lives, but the over-zealous Jewish Nazi hunters condemned them all alike and offered no reprieve to the righteous among the nations.

What choices could that man have made at that time, if he were indeed a Nazi concentration camp guard? Would he still be living at such an advanced age if he had made other life choices? The sudden ardent zeal to prosecute, target, and punish one and another poor and defenseless old man is inconsistent with the lachesse of so many years on the part of these district attorneys. Frankly, we have better things to do with our own young lives.

I am afraid that the ongoing hunt for WWII-era Nazis after so much time has passed, when the evidence is lost and all hope of proof beyond a reasonable doubt is gone, is a canard intended to distract us from the present-day Holocaust, which these same bloody vicious Democratic Party police officers, prosecutors, and judges insist on perpetrating against us even now, in this day and age, in the United States of America, visiting upon us all the horrors of the former Holocaust of the 1930s in Germany and Poland, while the Great Depression was raging in the United States, the economy ravaged by a constitutional Prohibition, its mixed and inconsistent state and federal jurisdiction, sham prescriptions from quack doctors for alcoholic remedies, and all manner of other serious organized crime.

For what they did so many years ago in Germany, they have to answer when they meek their Maker. We at this time do not need to hasten the punishment of the guilty at such a great age, lest their Redeemer should halt the proceedings and speak against us when He comes in His glory.

Once again, the Democrats ripped us off for everything we were, and everything we could have been or done. They have deliberately, with much malice aforethought, ruined us, destroyed our lives, and made a cruel mockery of our precious precepts of life, liberty and justice, and all that we at one time could have hoped to accomplish during our time on this earth.

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