Alaska’s RINO problem

We have a problem. The first step, of couse, is to admit we are powerless at the ballot box.

Okay, now, the RINOs. No, it’s not really okay. This is the second time around for the Mafia’s city hall alcohol sales tax, which we voters rejected the first time. We know who they are. Republicans In Name Only. Of the sort, for bigger government, more government, and local government that “knows us best.” City hall is putting on the false modesty of a “town” to achieve the progressive big-city agenda of birthers, bathroom-sexers, and anti-constitutional marriage-amenders.

When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go. There are more than enough armed skinhead guards aiming guns and swinging a legal-marijuana hemp noose patrolling public restrooms. We the people didn’t feel that we needed to be further punished into the correct restroom or the correct classification by sex in the jail population, as “assigned” by fat-ass RINO pig cops.

Even for those who oppose “gay marriage,” some things are better left unsaid. If we are so foolish as to believe that another party has somehow “redefined” our institution of marriage, and we suddenly need to amend the state or United States constitution in order to redefine it again back to our more proper understanding, we have already lost the game. Such superfluous and redundant overdefinitions of something already so universally understood are completely unworkable in court, and have never before been deemed worthy the foundations of any civilized society.

Anchorage City Hall is addicted to Alcohol, Marijuana, and Sex.

Sarah Palin is one of those RINOs. She had her son arrested on DV charges for attacking his father. That’s a long drawn-out family fight, both parents — probably raging alcoholics and Baby Boom marijuana addicts themselves — against a son to whom they gave the awful name of “Track.” And what did they serve him to eat or drink before goading him into the alleged attack and filing criminal charges against their own son? What race or nationality are these miserable God-awful parents? White? Northern European by any chance? Do they know anyone who speaks Swedish?

How do they pronounce that name? «Träck?» What is that? Look it up:äck#Svenska.

And for all the efforts to recall him, Mike Dunleavy is not the problem. He has probably done more than anyone else in Alaska to punish state government officials and workers out of their lust for arbitrary power and unquenchable desire to lord it over us on government-employee executive salaries and union wages, while they progressively infringe upon our rights, take our private property for public use, and revoke our freedoms in the cause of big government, big corporations and big labor.

There is no such thing as Coronavirus.

Coronavirus is a figment in the imagination of stay-at-home mothers and striking fathers. Corporate and government workers on continual strike are calling in sick with falsified lab results to justify their exorbitant paid leave at the expense of the honest and trustworthy, whom they refuse to hire or work alongside. Corona is a brand of beer. Those workers partied too hard to come into work on time Monday, and struggled to explain their hangovers. On Tuesday the stock market fell as C-level executives caved to their fraudulent demands for paid leave.

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