Coronavirus in Italy

Italy has a world-class health system. The coronavirus has pushed it to the breaking point.

“I have never seen so many people die together before my eyes,” said a nurse from one of the main hospitals in Bergamo, a city in northern Italy.

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Can people get the necessary bed rest, stay warm, and replace fluids without all the edification and upbuilding of such a godforsaken expensive medical establishment to impose such a horrifically insupportable burden on the public? No.

Italy’s death toll has hit 3,405, meaning the country now has more reported deaths than China. // The death toll in China, where the coronavirus originated in Wuhan, in Hubei province late last year, currently stands at 3,249, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University. 

Coronavirus live updates: Italy death toll overtakes China’s, 25 million jobs at risk

Mass murder at the hospitals

Even the very word influenza is Italian. An influence of something, usually political or social if not military, on some pretext for the government or even the army to enforce “quarantine” or other drastic measures of population control. Most people who have contracted the alleged “Coronavirus” have recovered without experiencing any symptoms worse than a flu or cold or hangover.

Milan and Bergamo are financial centers. The “social distancing” is a classic snub of poor people on the part of the monied elite. The poor and sick who have nowhere else to go are herded into the hospitals where the doctors murder them in massa under a pretext of providing medical care to them, which, in reality is nothing but an overdose of palliative heroin: opiates for the masses, panem et circenses, the bread and circuses of ancient Rome.

Social distancing is here to stay for much more than a few weeks. It will upend our way of life, in some ways forever. // To stop coronavirus we will need to radically change almost everything we do: how we work, exercise, socialize, shop, manage our health, educate our kids, take care of family members. // We all want things to go back to normal quickly. But what most of us have probably not yet realized—yet will soon—is that things won’t go back to normal after a few weeks, or even a few months. Some things never will.

Tech Policy: We’re not going back to normal

It’s all about class, money, and power: nothing to do with health. The monied elite equate poverty with sickness. The winers and diners look down on the boozers and schmoozers. Hence the name “Corona” virus; from the brand of beer they prescribe for poor people while they drink too much wine themselves. They are having a party, and to them the idea of abstaining from their excessive intake of alcohol is unimaginably worse than death. Never mind the poor who can’t afford even one beer or the incapacitation that would allow the wealthy brotherhood to take even further advantage of them as such men so ardently desire.

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