Finally, something worthwhile to combat Coronavirus!

Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York has signed an executive order mandating that all barbershops, hair salons and other personal care services be closed to members of the public, effective Saturday. // The order applies to all barbershops, hair salons, tattoo or piercing parlors, nail salons, hair removal services and related groomers. Cuomo expanded the restrictions in a joint agreement with governors from New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

The Guardian: New York and neighboring states order hair salons and nail parlors to close

Ugh. Those shops are the very dregs of society, and drastic action is indeed needed to bring them under control.

Do guys need a barbershop? Military guys or others who do a buzz cut can probably do it themselves or find a buddy and do each other’s, point being, on basic pay or fixed income they don’t need to lose their money along with their hair.

Or the ladies who have their hair done or patronize nail salons and pedicure shops and have a standing appointment they can’t miss because it’s worse than dumping an abusive boyfriend.

Or else it’s Joe Sixpack bringing his little girl into some tattoo parlor to have her ears pierced or something like that.

I don’t know where it ends, but I do not like all the low-class “grooming” services offered to the public on a more or less voluntary basis. (Is it “required” for work or to get a job in the area? Do they expect a tip?)

It is altogether too much professional or parental “grooming” and then there’s the whole Penn State child molestation ring on top of it all.

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