‘Social distancing’ and other coronavirus propaganda, explained

Donald J. Trump has a Catholic Advisory Panel, whether he wants it or not. There is a point of too many Catholics and too much Catholicism in the government. We may well have reached it: the end of religious freedom as we once know it in America.

Other exclamation points include Trump’s Supreme Court appointments and his Cabinet member picks, which include a number of practicing Catholics, White House counsel Pat Cipollone and Attorney General William Barr among them. // Appointments such as Barr, as well as the possibility of a conservative majority on the Supreme Court, are part of what should drive Catholics to Trump, Pavone said, adding that these are the ways Trump has proven that he is friendly to “the Catholic vision of things.” // Brian Burch, president of CatholicVote.org, an organization supporting Trump, but officially unaffiliated with the campaign coalition, extended that endorsement. // “This is the most Catholic administration we’ve had in American history, both at a policy level and at a personnel level,” he told the Washington Examiner, citing Trump’s support for the “sanctity of life, the family as the foundational social unit, and the necessity of religious liberty.”

‘The most Catholic administration we’ve had’: Boosters look to capitalize on Trump social issues record
by Nicholas Rowan, Washington Examiner | March 13, 2020 12:00 AM

That word catholic means “general,” “universal,” or “all-encompassing.” It carries too much foreign military rank to be interpreted as a peaceful domestic sermon on Sunday. Religious liberty is not something to be imposed by violence and force or as a legalistic necessity upon others. Quite the opposite, in fact.

There is a Roman Catholic Mob of white-collar crime bosses, that is, the Italian or Sicilian Mafia, which derives its power all the way from the papal see of Rome, even to this day in the United States, especially since the treason of JFK and LBJ, and the passage of Title IX religious prohibitions against violating the Virgin Mary, (whom they have elevated in their religious doctrine to a fourth person of the Trinity,) the Gun Control Act of 1968, and the general fall of America to the enemy propaganda of the Viet-Cong under the marijuana-infused communist “peace” rhetoric still progressively preached from the Catholic pulpit.

Catholics are communists: to deny the atheism of Marxist-Stalinist communism, to them, is to deny the Holy Communion of their faith. They withhold bread from the poor, even as they offer too much wine to the rich. As John Huss was burned at the stake for saying, communion in one kind only is insufficient.

The “social distancing” with the closure of restaurant seating areas now imposed in reaction to the news of “coronavirus” is in reality no different from the dreaded bans of excommunication which were proclaimed over entire countries, when the people refused to submit themselves to the universal rule and absolute authority of the Pope in the Middle Ages.

There is a “sick restaurant syndrome” among professional daters and parishioners “of the district” where it is against the law for a man to eat together with a woman without sleeping with her, and it is a crime for a man to have coffee with a woman without having sex with her, for fear that her “feelings” — i.e., the profit from her sexual services — should be hurt.

The new “social distancing,” sex segregation, and other rules are only intended to further enforce and strengthen the sex trade by punishing men for having any social contact without the requisite sexual contact with women, as required by the Catholic Mafia’s “social contract” of respect to street ladies.

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