Extra-legal death penalty in jail

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) — The Department of Corrections and Alaska State Troopers confirm a man accused of killing a woman in Wasilla was found dead in his cell on March 18, 2020.

… taken to Mat-Su Regional Hospital where he later died. (???)

Man accused of killing a woman in Wasilla has been found dead in his cell

I was not aware that Alaska imposed a death penalty, but apparently it does.

HB 162: “An Act authorizing capital punishment, classifying murder in the first degree as a capital felony, and establishing sentencing procedures for capital felonies; authorizing an advisory vote on instituting capital punishment; amending Alaska Rules of Criminal Procedure 32, 32.1, and 32.3 and Alaska Rules of Appellate Procedure 204, 209, 210, and 212; and providing for an effective date.”


The other day, I got curious about press coverage regarding the Alaska Territory’s decision to abolish the death penalty back in 1957. Newspaper indexing for that period is spotty, but thankfully the Alaska State Library hosts a decent index …

Alaska already killed the death penalty once
Author: Daniel Cornwall
Updated: June 29, 2016
Published March 2, 2009

It would seem there is a strange and inconsistent interpretation of “due process of law” in Alaska.

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