Cream and sugar or just black coffee?

Remember Donald Trump’s “covfefe” tweet? It was supposed to be “coverage” — not “coffee” — according to Wikipedia, but apparently an aggressive auto-correct took it over.

Sometimes there’s too much etiquette and politeness and servitude with a cup of coffee. Is it racist to order your coffee black? Or as some people say, “white” if it has cream, but that is not necessarily to specify the sugar.

I am dubious of the ubiquitous caffè latte and similar drinks served in sometimes sketchy parts of town by a barista, whose main qualification for work is apparently to be female, a rather unfortunate situation that is not much improved upon, either, by hiring men to serve coffee.

For older women it might be helpful to consume milk-based beverages on a regular basis to prevent osteoporosis, but they are mostly capable of brewing their own coffee, and that is not really the target population being served by the younger women.

There is a pervasive, strong, and vicious motive on the part of those female baristas with the court system and law enforcement community on their side to serve alcohol or other drugs or adulterants in the coffee drinks in an effort to get the younger men in bed with them, even if it is at the local hospital after a car accident.

Or else it’s a young woman who orders coffee, maybe even black, nothing in it, but ends up the victim of a “date rape” because the coffee is adulterated.

The concept of “white coffee” is D.O.A. I usually prefer strong black coffee, sometimes a little cream or sugar, but not to make a habit of it, which would be tempting for the “people of the district” to attempt to serve some adulterant substance in my coffee in order to take advantage of me or get me in trouble with their law.

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