Democrats expropriate Republicans’ money

We need to stop the Democrats. We need to stop the Democrats at all costs, even at the peril of our own lives.

We can no longer submit to the murder-for-hire orders of Democratic Party crime bosses, city hall bosses and labor-union bosses. There are altogether too many bosses over us, they have far too much authority over every intimate detail of our lives which we think to be private.

On CNN’s “New Day,” Schumer said the provision was aimed not just at Trump “but any major figure in government, Cabinet, Senate, congressmen, if they have majority, they have majority control, they can’t get grants or loans and that makes sense.”

Trump’s businesses barred from bailout money in Senate coronavirus bill

Chuck Schumer is barring all Republicans and other conservatives from any and all access to the proposed bailout money in a Coronavirus® stimulus package intended to benefit Democrats only.

The Democrats, of course, even if they gain such majority control in Congress through their ongoing and bloody coup d’├ętat, will not lose access to the bailout money which they are granting themselves.

Any law passed by Democrats in Congress is, of course, subject to the interpretation of Democratic Party government employees with liberal constructivist courts on their side.

RINO cops made a “deal” with Democrats for gun control as they betrayed conservatives, and went to work as enforcers for Democratic Party mob bosses.

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