Male depression

Depression is actually more often than not an economic or social situation rather than a psychological issue.

Trump also predicted “suicides by the thousands” if we continue social distancing. “We can social distance ourselves and go to work.”

Trump Predicts ‘Suicides By The Thousands’ If Americans Can’t Get Back To Work
Forbes | Mar 24, 2020,02:43pm EDT

Economic problems are real, and it helps to talk about them and work through them, but “mental health” workers tend to charge a lot of money for what they do, and they have neither the interests nor the qualifications to help patients work out “real life” issues as opposed to solely psychological problems.

“Social distancing” was badly named and even worse applied against an otherwise mild flu-like illness.

Boyfriend-dumping, social exclusion, racial and sexual discrimination, and criminal no-trespassing orders from cop-calling whores do not stop or even slow the spread of disease.

Such behaviors only serve to make the rest of us aware of the existence of a most hideously vicious and cruel red-light district.

The doctors are part of the problem. They circumcise baby boys, and make them feel guilty or ashamed of the imperfection of their body, by such cruel and unnecessary practice of genital mutilation.

If this what doctors do or have done to men, (when they were born, as baby boys,) it is absurd to think that anything they could offer to an adult man would be of any actual benefit or help to him. “Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors” (SSRIs) are commonly prescribed as “anti-depressants.”

“Use of SSRIs negatively affects semen parameters in most studies. In some studies, SSRIs are also shown to reduce DNA integrity. SSRIs can also delay ejaculation. Depression and anxiety can cause reduced libido, erectile dysfunction and delayed ejaculation as well.”

L. Nørr, B. Bennedsen, J. Fedder, E. R. Larsen. Use of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors reduces fertility in men. Andrology, Volume 4, Issue 3. First published: 28 March 2016

This is more or less what the doctors did to Alan Turing, the famous WWII Allied hero, codebreaker, and computer scientist, against his will, by a malicious and low-ranking court order.

There is a general idea that seems on the surface to be heartless and cruel: that a man is “depressed” or “down” because “he can’t get it up” or “he isn’t man enough,” etc. etc.

He only needs to pull himself up by the bootstraps, and “man up” to cure his depression.

The reality is not as gender-specific as they want it to be. The advice (or ’vice) to “man up” is no different from dehumanizing a woman and telling her she needs to be a “real human being” rather than a heartless bitch.

There is something off with the whole practice of medicine. When it isn’t enough to say no to unnecessary surgery and medications, it becomes necessary to thoroughly punish the doctors and their establishments out of their vices and habits of offering such unnecessary treatments on an involuntary basis.

This is ultimately why we as a society are finding it so necessary to punish medical doctors into compliance with every possible law, rule, regulation, even to the last jot and tittle.

Health Care Fraud News, Press releases, stories, and other information on FBI health care fraud investigations.

These are bad doctors. They must be held accountable even to the last penny as they are punished for their quackery, financial fraud, and malpractice.

The doctors must be further punished out their aggressive diagnosis and treatment of women with breast and cervical cancer.

Such fraudulent diagnosis leads to hair loss, indigestion, and other bodily damage due to radiation and chemo therapy, and mutilation by unnecessary cutting around.

The Roman term “circumcision” includes such practices as dilatation and curettage (D&C) mutilation of the mother’s genitals as well as the infant’s, back-alley legal abortions and Caesarean sections which never heal properly in a woman’s body, as a natural birth.

The term in Latin means “cutting around” according to the established and fixed custom and practice of the ancient Roman Empire.

Some of those Roman emperors were rather “queer” to practice all that cutting around, and that’s when some of the Spaniards got off the property with all their swords, guns, and all the weaponry they could muster.

It is definitely time to “man up” or “woman up” or start being a real human in any case.

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