Climate change propaganda

More lies from the liberal left.

(CNN) — Australia’s Great Barrier Reef has likely experienced its most widespread bleaching event on record, according to a US government scientist who monitors the world’s coral reefs.

The Great Barrier Reef likely just experienced its most widespread bleaching event on record — By Drew Kann, CNN, Thu March 26, 2020

I don’t like the context of this report. Whether it’s in Australia or California, there’s a stereotypical surfer dude or gal with bleached or bottled-blonde hair, and there’s always something a little bit off with that set.

To blame so-called coral “bleaching” on alleged ocean acidification allegedly due to global warming betrays an astounding ignorance of basic chemistry.

And that’s the same crowd which insists that the English term “tidal wave” is a total misnomer, for which they substitute the Japanese 津波 (つなみ、 tsunami) in their preferred style of political correctness.

It would not be unreasonable or illogical to conclude that a bunch of college students or academic researchers having a good time at the beach without a care in the world are “gay” — but it’s a mixed group with enough of both sexes that I wouldn’t say they were “homosexual” or “LGBT” — and in fact there are a lot of haters (of surprising wealth, economic dominance, and political power) in that crowd, and they have no intention of communicating the unvarnished truth of the results of their publicly funded scientific research to the general public.

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