PATRIOT Act provisions expire

Republicans, [Rep. Thomas] Massie and Senator Rand Paul have been vocal critics of the Patriot Act’s surveillance provisions, including one that allows the FBI to get court orders through the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to collect business records on suspects in national security investigations.

Intelligence Community Will Temporarily Lose Some Surveillance Powers
By Eva McKend Washington, D.C. Mar. 13, 2020

On the other side, Democrat Elizabeth Warren has evinced a strong pro-surveillance position on the side of the “intelligence community.”

America’s “intelligence community”

The so-called “intelligence community” in America is a government employees’ labor union, more or less. The last paragraph of that news article mentions something ominous.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is backing the effort but President Trump, who has long been critical of the intelligence community, has not given reauthorization his support.

The FBI Agents Association called the anticipated authorization lapse unacceptable and dangerous.

Donald Trump and Thomas Massie actually appear to be on the same side of this particular issue, (despite their recent political spat over “grandstanding” on Twitter.)

The FBI Agents Association works to advance and safeguard the careers, economic interests, conditions of employment and welfare of active and retired FBI …

An employees labor union of aggressive social-climbing self-aggrandizing beat cops, in other words. They are supposed to be agents, charged with investigating and prosecuting serious organized crime. Instead they are joining together to use the almost unlimited intelligence powers granted them by Congress to advance their own economic and life interests at the expense of the general law-abiding population.

FBI Agents Association: Failure to Reauthorize FISA Provisions Threatens National Security

There’s a “boss” at that organization, namely one “Brian O’Hare” as well as a spokesman “Paul Nathanson” with a publicly available boiler-room telephone number to represent the working career interests of the FBI’s rank-and-file associates who haven’t “earned their bones” yet — killed in the line of duty or performed some equivalent feat. New hires or initiates have to “make it” or prove themselves at the FBI in order to advance their careers and assure a good future for their children in the good graces of the law of the land in their present and future hometowns.

In the American Mafia, a made man is a fully initiated member of the Mafia. To become “made”, an associate first must be Italian or of Italian descent and sponsored by another made man. An inductee will be required to take the oath of omertà, the mafia code of silence. After the induction ceremony, the associate becomes a “made man” and holds the rank of soldier (Italian: soldato) in the Mafia hierarchy. Made men are the only ones who can rise through the ranks of the Mafia, from soldier to caporegimeconsigliereunderboss, and boss.

And that’s the way they went at the FBI and DOJ. There’s a token drop of Italian or Sicilian blood involved, but who can escape that in America? No, the wiki article is not really referring to Native Americans as such by that term, but the Mob apparently does feel the need to insinuate that connection to maintain control of vice at casinos on Indian reservations etc.

House Democrats left the capital on Friday after passing the $2 trillion coronavirus relief legislation without taking up a Senate bill to temporarily revive three expired F.B.I. surveillance tools for terrorism and espionage investigations, ensuring that the laws will remain lapsed at least until the Senate returns from vacation next month.

New York TImes: House Departs Without Vote to Extend Expired F.B.I. Spy Tools

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