Vice and mob rule won’t stop COVID-19®

Labor-union local government-mandated stay-at-home orders are being enforced by pimps and mob bosses in a drastic attempt to contain what is mostly a “subclinical” or mild flu- or cold-like illness which in reality has not caused any significant increase in the natural rate of mortality beyond “the usual” colds and flus of the season.

“All persons in Alaska, except for those engaged in essential health care services, public government services, and essential business activities, are mandated to remain at their place of residence and practice social distancing.”

Gov. Dunleavy issues social distancing and travel mandates, COVID-19 cases rise to 85 statewide

Alaska’s government has traditionally maintained especially deep ties to the Five Families of New York as well as the Chicago Outfit of Illinois in the Lower 48.

“The vast, vast majority of people in Illinois are doing precisely what we asked them to do,” [Gov. J.B.] Pritzker said. “But it’s the others — the people who aren’t obeying the stay-at-home rule — who are putting everyone in danger. It doesn’t take that many people, frankly, to break the rules and cause danger to others.”

Chicago infant dies after testing positive for coronavirus, governor says

It’s touching, isn’t it? The party of abortion-on-demand, routine circumcision, and birth-control-without-a-prescription is suddenly so concerned about infant mortality as to justify red-light-district-style crackdowns throughout the U.S. to enforce their labor-union local mob rule everywhere.

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