Coronavirus® at boot camp?

It’s not exactly a happy situation for all involved, but at least we should be getting somewhere toward a better analysis of the etiology and epidemiology of Coronavirus®.

coronavirus outbreak has infected dozens of Marine recruits and staff members at the service’s East Coast recruit training center, prompting the suspension of additional arrivals for the foreseeable future, defense officials said Monday.

Washington Post: Coronavirus outbreak at Marine Corps boot camp infects dozens of recruits, staff members

Boot camp is rumored to be tough, especially in the Marine Corps, not, of course, that one would expect to “make it” through boot camp training and then “take it easy” to collect basic pay and government benefits.

There’s a general, David H. Berger, already involved in that situation. It looks like an advanced case of military insubordination, fraternization with medical personnel, and prearranged or falsified medical laboratory test results.

Who’s cooking the meals at the mess hall, and where is the staff sergeant dining? Is someone “vaping” or smoking something stronger than tobacco somewhere, or shooting up with drugs?

Anyone who feels ill or exhibits symptoms can be ordered to be tested for the virus, and results might be “arranged” by medical laboratory staff for the drill sergeant to test positive and submit to strict quarantine orders from the Department of the Navy.

That was to the Catch-22 problem with “mental illness” in the U.S. Air Force in WWII, and I’m seeing parallels to the influenza pandemic of 1918 that hit WWI military recruits hard in the United States at the time.

Either people were calling in sick to military duty, or the Germans were gassing them, or they were getting really sick and dying at the hands of an enemy-aligned medical establishment in the United States, which we have not yet succeeded in throwing off, even to this day, over 100 years later.

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