Railroad workers on strike wreck trains

[Eduardo] Moreno, 44, was charged Wednesday in federal court with one count of train wrecking after admitting to intentionally running the train off the tracks in the direction of the Mercy hospital ship, the U.S. attorney’s office in Los Angeles said in a statement. No one was injured in the wreck, which caused a “substantial fuel leak” handled by firefighters, prosecutors said.

Washington Post: Engineer intentionally crashes train near hospital ship Mercy, believing in weird coronavirus conspiracy, feds say

Despite the Washington Post article headline, the feds don’t have much if anything to say about the train wreck at all, beyond the prime suspect’s own confession.

For a working federal investigator to bring any additional evidence at all in court against a striking railroad worker would be considered an act of treason against the solidarity of the labor union and the Democratic Party, and likely as not justify a hit on the left-wing super-PAC’s generous murder-for-hire contracting budget.

The FBI Agents Association, after all, is on the same side of the law and on the same side of the political spectrum as the labor-union train wreckers.

Those train-wreckers and left-wing political cops are the same ones who ruined and destroyed my life, and have attempted to murder me, time and time again, on false allegations of “mental illness” and unfounded Title-IX-related civil-cum-criminal “harassment” charges.

Well, those investigators were forewarned and forearmed, and now they are damned, because those workers are testing positive for drugs when they call in sick with Coronavirus®.

Never mind the railroads. Do they offer random drug testing as a condition of employment at the FBI?

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