Too much cooking wine

Sometimes I think it tends to be a problem in the officers’ quarters on military bases where alcohol is banned.

My objections are chiefly practical rather than religious. Some recipes do call for adding wine to food as it cooks or simmers or sautés.

First of all, any kind of “cooking” wine as distinct from “drinking” wine is just plain disgusting, laden with salt and other undesirable additives.

I’m not much of a wine drinker, but it seems like a waste of good wine to use it for cooking. It’s not really that cheap, and I certainly don’t want to put bad wine in my food.

An exception might be sautéed mushrooms with wine sauce, or similar dishes for special occasions.

Sometimes food just needs a little water added for moisture as it cooks, and if I add raisins to my oatmeal or spread grape jam on my toast, eat table grapes, or even drink fresh or unfermented grape juice from concentrate, I simply don’t feel that I’m missing anything in my diet by skipping the wine.

Grapes in any form even without the alcohol can cause quite a hangover in excess, and furthermore I am becoming extremely distrustful of all those fancy cheeses, imported from Europe, to “pair” with the wine.

There is often as not a 50kg block or “wheel” of cheese at $20.00/lb or so, and I’m thinking one could buy the whole cow and pastureland for the price of importing all that European cheese, and for that matter, what is wrong with American bison or buffalo or Asian yak rather than exclusively European breeds of cattle bred for a white supremacist dairy industry?

If some people drink too much wine, then others drink too much milk, and there tend to be severe and pernicious problems with alcoholic adulteration of milk in the dairy industry.

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