Child care scams

It is much, much worse than reported in the news.

Bethany Neubarth and her husband used to be able to spend time together with their 8-month-old baby. // But when their day care closed in late March in response to the coronavirus, the family scrambled to find child care. The husband and wife are both nurses at different Anchorage health care facilities.

Alaska day cares, critical during the coronavirus crisis, are endangered

I don’t like that “early childhood” business. I don’t like it at all. There’s a Daybreak Primary School in my hometown. I am uncertain how best to explain it, but that is too “early” in the morning for the small children, and not in an earthly sense of rising from bed to go about the natural day.

Cop-calling whores traffic in children, stealing and forging birth certificates, even as pimps and prosecutors traffic in prostitutes. Consequently the children are over-circumcised, over-parented, and over-supervised for as long as they are allowed to live by such solicitous parents.

Kids need to explore and learn, even at some risk to themselves, in order to have any chance of leading a normal life into adulthood, but this is not allowed to them by such parents who labor year after year inflicting vice to foreclose and deny the privileges of legal majority to their children.

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