Sudan outlaws “FGM”

Sudan has criminalized the act of female genital mutilation, a historic move in a country where the United Nations says 9 out of 10 women between the ages of 15 to 49 have been subjected to the practice.

Sudan outlawed female genital mutilation. But experts warn it will take more to end the practice

It would seem Africa is way ahead of the USA. We’re not even sure where to begin: to overcome the specious arguments that ritualistic genital mutilation is acceptable to inflict on males but not on females.

And as far as the female body goes, all it takes is for a teenage girl to be railroaded into an abortion clinic by a deadbeat would-be father.

Or a trumped-up or falsified diagnosis of breast or cervical cancer.

It’s the same end result.

Our doctors are butchers and our hospitals are slaughterhouses, even in the United States. Human flesh is but meat for the carnage to them. There is no law to restrain doctors from satiating their own flesh in the mayhem, malicious disfigurement and willful destruction of our bodies.

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