Radical environmentalism and ‘mental health’

Most people think of the environment of “nature” or of the natural outdoors, when they speak of “environmentalism.” Not so. Radical environmentalists do not spend much time outdoors, and that is not the environment that chiefly concerns them.

The Social Environment

There’s as “social environment” — where they are hard at work on a vicious political agenda to establish strict building codes, housing discrimination by sex, race, age, gender identity, and sexual orientation, real-estate cartel style price floors on rental units, and minimum prices on units available for purchase, along with onerous conditions, covenants, and restrictions.

People perceived to be poor, who cannot afford such a “High California” standard of living imposed on them against their will, are systematically trespassed off the property of places where wealthy people live work, eat, and shop, dealt drugs and shepherded off to labor camps, mental hospitals, and psychiatric institutions.

It is not a stable system. The wealthy, for their part, are subject to “wealth management” and other banking and brokerage services of a more or less voluntary nature designed to relieve them of their wealth as rapidly as possible, and then they’re out the door just like poor people, but unprepared to survive on the streets.

The Work Environment

Oh yes, the dreaded “hostile work environment” of Title IX sexual harassment lawsuits. There are women in high heels who demand equal pay, but refuse equal physical labor. There is something hazy about this, with an awful lot of secretarial and paper-pushing make-work assigned to women while the accountancy and bookkeeping are left up to “real men.”

Party-line Communist labor policies are enforced by federal law in the United States, with sex trafficking permitted and regulated in acceptable measure, and personal relationships of employees subject to approval by bosses. Various hairstyles and other modes of dress or clothing are required or forbidden for men in minute detail, but such codes do not apply to women at all in respect of Title IX, because there is some respect to some position of authority or other specious arguments of appropriate gender roles at work on the job.

There are too many rape claims, sexual harassment claims, stalking claims, no-contact orders, anti-harassment orders, civil protective orders, and various other sorts of restraining orders issued by parochial courts to protect such innocent women from such vicious men. Meanwhile women are supposedly subject to “other” means of enforcement by “other” bosses on the street, in a “privileged” system of extra-judicial enforcement to which working-class men do not have access.

The “Made Men”

The objective of all this radical environmentalism is to “have it made” as a “made man” in the Mafia. A guy’s “environment” and everything around him is exactly how it pleases him at work and at home, and everywhere else he frequents, and he “has it made.” Other people are “associates” at his whim, and he is free to associate and disassociate with them at will. Needless to say, there’s a psychopath or sociopath at work.

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