Does bad art drive out good?

We think this an important question when it comes to art. When art is valuable, and worthwhile to appreciate, it is inevitably worth money. And indeed, we can ask the same question about money.

Gresham’s law is a monetary principle stating that “bad money drives out good.” It is primarily used for consideration and application in currency markets. Gresham’s law was originally based on the composition of minted coins and the value of the precious metals used in them. However, since the abandonment of metallic currency standards, the theory has been applied to the relative stability of different currencies’ value in global markets.

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By JIM CHAPPELOW :: Updated Oct 2, 2019

If people don’t understand or appreciate, say, visual “fine arts,” then are they looking at a lot of low-class pornography? Do they enjoy or benefit by what they look at?

Every home, and every structure of human habitation, consists of nothing but sculpture and painting. Wood or brick is shaped and fit together. Siding, drywall, or stucco etc. is applied and painted. Wooden or metal doors and framed glass windows are fitted. If people do not understand and appreciate sculpture and painting as fine arts, then they do not, and cannot live in fine homes. Fine homes are worth a lot of money, too.

What is not artistic or artificial is natural. If the birds make beautiful music in the trees, which humans can enjoy, then what kind of music do humans make? Is it enjoyable to other humans or does it frighten and annoy even the birds?

A piano, for example, is a sort of overbuilt guitar, perhaps a piece of furniture rather than a musical instrument. It goes “plink” rather than “twang,” and it has up to 72 strings rather than 6, but without stops or frets, each string is restricted to playing one note at the time of performance. Perhaps a power saw, sander, hammer, and nails were used in the construction of the piano. Are the sounds of these instruments, which were used to build the piano, part of its art?

Fine cooking is an art, too. Predatory animals seize their prey and eat it without further ado. Many foods in their natural state are best eaten by humans with as little preparation or alteration as possible. Spices and sauces or no, fresh fish is best eaten fresh.

There are various Japanese methods of preparing sushi or sashimi out of very fresh fish, against a consideration of the looseness of stool that may result from the quantity of uncooked fish.

Is medicine an art?

Do people sculpt or cut or snip their babies when they are born, as a human bonsai? Mutilate their babies’ private parts to gain more power over them in regards to future teenage dating conflicts? Pull some of their children’s permanent teeth and brace others into a shape or position more pleasing to parents who desire a smaller mouth to feed?

Money is art, and Gresham’s Law applies to art as well as money. Bad art drives out good.

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