Is it a bar or isn’t it a bar?

A national association of district attorneys is assailing the actions of a Georgia prosecutor who recused himself from the Ahmaud Arbery case after he told cops the unarmed black jogger’s killing was “justifiable homicide.”

New York Post: US district attorneys group slams recused prosecutor in Ahmaud Arbery case

Wait a second. This guy is an attorney. He doesn’t get to put away the accused just on his own say-so. He has to convince a jury of 12 “good men and true,” and he doesn’t have much control at all over the jury selection process. The selectmen of the jury may in fact be very biased and racist themselves, and not representative of the population from which they are allegedly selected, but the prosecutor only has the one matter at hand at a time to prosecute before the court — he is not allowed to go off on other tangents and other cases in front of the judge if the process in general isn’t to his liking. He was pissed off and he recused himself, because he could not see any possible way to take an impartial, uninfluenced, and unintimidated role in the case.

There’s a mysterious “national association of district attorneys” reported in the Mainstream Media. Interesting.

The National Bar Association was founded in 1925 and is the nation’s oldest and largest national network of predominantly African-American attorneys and judges.

The alleged victim in this case, Ahmaud Arbery, is African-American, but this does not appear to be the right bar association. Now there is a “National District Attorneys Association: The Voice of America’s Prosecutors” which focuses on “animal abuse, capital litigation, child abuse, commercial driver’s license, community prosecution, drug policy, elder abuse, gun & gang violence, juvenile justice, national traffic law center, violence against women, and white collar crime.”

And they’re Democrats, all driving that same “progressive” agenda of animal rights, gun control, and abortion we “get” from the left in our liberal constructivist federal court system. It’s a fraternization of gun-banning federal DAs, in “solidarity” with the FBI Agents Association, the Fraternal Order of Police, and other corrupt law enforcement labor unions and associations, including the guilds peculiar to the State of Washington, a “prosecution by information” state which omits the due process of indictment by a grand jury for prosecuting felonies and other capital or infamous crimes.

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