The COMPSEC Communist cell

… summer of 2013, and I was visiting Glenn Greenwald in Rio de Janeiro. This was just after Greenwald’s partner was detained in the UK trying to ferry some documents from Laura Poitras in Berlin back to Greenwald. It was an opsec disaster; they would have been much more secure if they’d emailed the encrypted files.

Schneier on Security: Bart Gellman on Snowden, May 20, 2020

It’s a security blog. They’re all commies who have succumbed to left-wing partisan political correctness, as if that (rather than the logical correctness of computer code) were the driving force for computer and network security.

COMPSEC, a rather generic acronym for “computer security,” has been coopted and trademarked by Computer Security Solutions, Inc. of Arlington, Virginia, among the good old boys of the establishment Military-Industrial Complex, according to the free dictionary.

Just to mention that alongside “OPSEC” for “operational security.”

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