Malicious port-scanning from banking sites detected

Bad actors out there are robbing the bank.

Customers behind so-called carrier grade NAT may not see this traffic unless they are tricked into opening remote ports by UPnP or similar mechanisms.

There is an ongoing vast criminal or hostile occupational conspiracy at work to deny, delay, and forestall the deployment of IPv6, which has better security mechanisms in place in certain situations. At the same time, the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force continue to encourage the deployment of IPv6 technologies despite heavy resistance from IPv4-only cable television industry luddites who only offer internet service as an enhancement to “the usual” array of premium/adult consumer cable television channels.

The various forms of Network Address Translation in play for the outdated IPv4 protocol mean that the malicious port-scanning may not be originating from the actual IPv4 address it appears to be — carrier grade NAT routers also have the ability to redirect replies to the malicious port-scanning traffic away from the banking websites toward servers under control of the attackers.

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