U.S. exit from WHO

Are we out? Are we finally out? Free of those unknown Doctors and Médecins Sans Frontières with those oppressive face masks and illegible signatures? I don’t know. We have more work to do to make sure they don’t come back. “Peace in our time” doesn’t cut it. The false peace and illegitimate love of the world lead to unwanted pregnancies, murdered and neglected infants, and an endemic culture of life-ruining drug addictions. The CDU and CSU preach a Christian continent of peace and love, but somehow they cannot offer peace without marijuana or love without prostitution.

Richard Horton, the editor of the Britain-based Lancet medical journal, which has not shied away in its criticism of Trump’s handling of the crisis, wrote: “We give our 100% support to the World Health Organization at this time of crisis.” // “The U.S. government has gone rogue at a time of humanitarian emergency,” he added.

Trump’s exit from WHO met with dismay from global health experts

That’s the New World Order under One World Government. And the left field of world politics is claiming that the U.S. government has “gone rogue” to the right, as if that could possibly be the case while the U.S. government continues its leftward march to appease NATO, Interpol, and U.N. by imposing gun control and other totalitarian measures ever more harshly within our borders.

We’ve had more than enough of the abortions, circumcisions, breast exams, pap smears, prostate exams, birth control pills, wisdom tooth extractions, tonsillectomies, appendectomies, male enhancements, breast implants, plastic surgery, vaccinations, methadone treatment in court, and other quacksalvery from the leftist political doctors of WHO and MSF.

They got tort reform from the Republicans, and now we have to find other ways to torture them out of their malpractice, punish them into compliance with every rule and regulation applicable to the practice of medicine, and hold them accountable for their fraudulent billing, prescription kick-backs from pharmacies and druggers, specialist referral fees, extortion rackets, and life-ruining misdiagnoses served on patients in conjunction with “civil commitment” proceedings at law.

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