CIA’s “foreign policy” objectives

Come on, now. There’s a trademark magazine,

The duties of U.S. Department of State do not include representing or promoting “foreign policy” as such in the United States. CIA may need to be apologetic or defensive at times, assertive of U.S. policy and U.S. interests in an international context. We are Americans, and we will not be slaves to the world.

The message needs to get through more on these lines, on behalf of the United States: “This is our policy, this is our line, do not cross it, we have guns, we will defend our own.”

Sellout to foreign interests

The denialism and betrayal inherent in the very phrase “foreign policy” is heartbreaking and devastating to the morale of a free and independent nation.

Leading America‚Äôs foreign policy to advance the interests and security of the American people.

That statement, in huge print, on the official government web page, is insubordinate and lacks mission. Foreigners’ interests regarding American people, and foreigners’ desire to take our guns away and imprison us for “security” are not to be represented or espoused by our own government. Nor does the Department of State, in using such an informal patronizing phrase, “American people,” evince even a passing respect or inclusiveness of “Native American people,” (or for that matter Native Alaskans, since Alaska is a state of the United States, within the continent of North America.)


We see no resistance whatsoever, on the part of CIA, to the organized criminal promotion and compulsion of prostitution, gun control, abortion, gambling, marijuana, and street drugs, anywhere in its worldwide sphere of influence.

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