Does Pompeo support ANTIFA?

There’s a new post at the Department of State’s website, entitled “Europe and the China Challenge.”

There is an official conversation with Anders Fogh Rasmussen, former Prime Minister of Denmark and Secretary General of NATO, and very conveniently “retired” from public life in 2014, though oviously still exercising vast political power behind the scenes.

Both U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo and former(???) Secretary General of NATO Anders Rasmussen are apparently strong supporters of the ANTIFA movement in Hong Kong, China, and opponents of the Chinese Communist Party.

The Chinese Communist Party decreed an end to freedom in Hong Kong, violating a UN-registered treaty and the rights of its citizens – one of just many international treaties that the Chinese Communist Party has violated. // General Secretary Xi has greenlighted a brutal campaign of repression against Chinese Muslims, a human rights violation on a scale we have not seen since World War II.


The Chinese Communist Party, nowadays, is to be interpreted as a conservative political party, not unlike the Republican Party in the U.S. There’s a red GOP elephant: let’s not forget that Trump’s nationalism is the equivalent of CCP’s “one China” policy. The separatist uprisings in Hong Kong, Wuhan, Tibet, Taiwan and other areas of China, on the other hand, adhere to U.S. Democratic Party ideals of slavery, chain-gang labor unions, secessionist parochialism, and “states’ rights” dating back to the days of colonialism and wholesale transatlantic slave trade. Xi Jinping is President of China; not to be slighted as “General Secretary” in such an official diplomatic context.

We feel that Democratic Party operatives within the CIA and the rest of the Department of State are precipitating a needless war or uprising against the sovereignty and unity of China, in their dogged pursuit of liberalism, cloaked as it is in the language of freedom and liberty, while the true culprit to the present world unrest lies within the European Union. We feel that the same Democratic Party operatives are responsible for fomenting the insurrection, rebellion, killing, and abdication of U.S. law enforcement jurisdiction within the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone // Capitol Hill Occupied Protest in solidarity with Tiananmen and other separatist uprisings in China.

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