Promoting and compelling ID theft

For several years beginning around 2010, a lone teenager in Vietnam named Hieu Minh Ngo ran one of the Internet’s most profitable and popular services for selling “fullz,” stolen identity records that included a consumer’s name, date of birth, Social Security number and email and physical address. — It’s not entirely clear what is going on […]

Medieval punishments in modern America

Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted. — Eighth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States Some of our favorite expressions for extreme punishments have a double meaning. Drawn and quartered Are you drawn and quartered? Perhaps you have valid photo identification that lists the […]

Salvation by works

There has been a problem with a pernicious doctrine of “salvation by works” sneaking into church. European Protestants broke away from the Roman Catholic church over that. Helpers, assistants, deacons, and rectors start showing up in church with a deceptively “simple” Christian work ethic. They purport to support, house, feed, and clothe large families on […]