Defund the police?

Let’s take a look at the Seattle Police Department.

Some 374 SPD employees grossed at least $200,000 last year, boosted by retroactive raises stemming from a new contract signed in late 2018. More than 160 SPD employees made at least $50,000 in overtime last year – excluding the retroactive payments.

— The Spokesman-Review: A Seattle police officer’s extraordinary pay raises questions SPD can’t answer

Where is all this money coming from, anyways? We’re talking upwards of $75,000,000 gross pay, and more than $8,000,000 overtime, not including the retroactive bonuses.

Vehicle impoundments and auctions?

Aside from the 22 initial arrests, police took five more people into custody while trying to impound a vehicle later in the night.

— KOMO News: Police: 22 arrests in Labor Day clash outside Seattle Police Officers Guild

That’s quite a battle, and it has been going on for some time already.

… some parking spots were marked “NO PARKING” starting today [April 7, 2020]. That led to multiple tows, according to multiple readers plus a conversation we heard via scanner (and mentioned in a tweet at the time). That conversation mentioned “possibly 20” tows. Then we received this reader report saying it might have been more: “I discovered my car was towed out from in front of my apartment at 30xx SW Avalon Way around 3 pm, assuming it happened sometime today. …”

— West Seattle Blog… ‘Stay home’ – unless you need to get your car at the tow yard: What happened on Avalon

The details may not be entirely clear to us, but the big picture is: Seattle police officers are (a) impounding a lot of vehicles; (b) charging a lot of parking citation, tow, and impound fees and/or auctioning the vehicles off; and (c) making a lot of extra money in the form of cash wages.

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