“Persons of interest” to law enforcement

In other words, Jews to Nazi cops. Not quite suspects on their books, but never to be exonerated or have their rights restored.

“Interest” or usury was historically forbidden to Christians and Muslims in Europe in the Middle Ages. Thus a “person of interest” was a JEW.

Usury in the middle ages began with the Jewish. The count or nobleman of a town would loan money to a Jewish person, and that person would lend to non-Jewish peasants. // The Jew thus became a middleman, which was a very dangerous position. Interest rates were approximately 30-40%, making it difficult for peasants to pay their debts. If Jews didn’t repay their own debts to the nobleman, they were murdered. For this reason, the Jew had to have a large spread in the middle in order to be able to cover his losses while still making profits.

Prezi: Usury in the Middle Ages

Those “noblemen” squeezed the Christians and Muslims as well as any others out of the financial and business markets, and “allowed” Jews to go in business or “keep shop” in commerce or finance. Normal activities necessary for community livelihood were forbidden entirely to gentiles and permitted to Jews only as vice.

The practice was to put Jews in business, set them up as shopkeepers, and kill them off after they’d been in business too long. Jews had no choice, as they were not permitted to join the labor unions with Christians, Pagans, and other non-Jews, and their shops were essentially “fronts” to businesses actually owned by Gentile noblemen or gentry who had absolute authority over the activities and dealings of Jews.

Jews were not permitted to bear arms or possess weapons in those day, either.

It’s starting to sound familiar in this day and age, as history repeats itself.

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