Labor unions & domestic violence

There’s a strange connection here between labor union activity and domestic violence.

Berlin — Women began striking across Poland on Wednesday in response to a court ruling that imposed a near-total ban on abortions in the country. The ruling made it illegal to terminate a pregnancy in the case of severe fetal health defects.

— CNBC: Women begin national strike in Poland after near-total abortion ban

I don’t like this. Working parents are striking their children at home and their bosses at work. Are mothers drinking too much? Are the children affected by fetal alcohol syndrome? I am highly skeptical of such claims of widespread “severe fetal health defects.” Women and men have partied too hard and drunk too much and had too many normal children under such circumstances, since time immemorial. Alcohol is a serious vice unto itself, but not quite a satisfactory explanation for medical claims of fetal alcohol syndrome.

Men are drunk, and such men are encouraging women to take extreme birth control measures with the use of alcohol in their company. It’s a cop-out by party men — who desire to have sex but “won’t commit” — to avoid being burdened with child support and alimony.

Are these women sex workers? Is this a sex strike? Are women striking men on the street without incurring criminal charges on their own part?

Labor union sex segregation

Labor unions in Europe, the United States, and throughout the world are highly segregated by sex, with harsh sexual harassment policies in place at most workplaces.

Most technical trades are “male only” whereas nursing, caregiving, elementary school teaching, secretarial work and related fields are “female only” by policies that continue to be heavily enforced by harsh punishments despite Title IX provisions that are weak because by an explicitly sexist design they are for women only and no protection whatsoever is provided for males or transgender women against harassment, retribution, or revenge in the workplace.

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