Locker-room bully policies

For example, very little will stand in the way of Biden’s pledge to allow transgender service members to serve openly in the military. It would take only an executive order to reverse Trump’s 2017 ban on most transgender Americans from joining the military.

This is because “there will be no need to redevelop guidance, restudy options, redraft regulatory language, or retrain anybody,” concluded the paper published by the Palm Center, a think tank at the University of California, Santa Barbara. “Everything needed already exists in current military guidance and remains a part of current military practice.”


Transgender women are not gay men. They do not wish to be bullied in the men’s locker rooms or subjected to false accusations of sexual harassment, rape, assault, battery, and so on and so forth if they are assigned to women’s locker rooms and the other women are made aware of their transgender status.

It’s nothing but an Absalom policy, to hang a transgender person by the hair in an oak tree in the men’s barracks in the military.

There’s no medical assistance, nothing to correct birth deformities of sexual organs.

Nothing new is going on here under Joe Stalin-Biden. The induction of transgender persons into the lowest ranks of the military is only an effort to put them out as cannon fodder. Being transgender is only a felony charge at court-martial waiting to happen, and no rank above private in the military is possible under any circumstances, under long-standing practices and rigid religious interpretations of military regulations.

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