MH and vice

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The practices of psychology and psychiatry are all about “healing” people by forcing regimens of diet, drugs, and / or therapy on them against their will.

Someone has an agenda of vice, because I really don’t think there needs to be wild sex with a hot man in bed for every woman every single night, or that anything is abnormal if this is not the case.

Of course there are “marriages of convenience” between couples who do not have a bona fide love interest in the relationship, but most people really do need to work, prepare and eat meals, clean up, and, well, sleep in bed most nights, and get a good night’s rest most of the time at least, even if it is really boring.

Some women do drugs as a substitute for sex, and others become “cold” and stay in a relationship with a man for money, stability or other reasons, but if a man is a man, he can put his foot down and leave without the psychological nonsense.

But if someone is trying to say no to being raped or live as “sister and brother” with a romantic interest — we think there are other relationships and undisclosed unfaithfulness going on.

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