Are makeup and jewelry sinful?

As preached in some ultra-conservative churchs. They want to get little girls on board with adult cosmetics.

New York (CNN Business) — Ulta Beauty is opening up mini cosmetics shops inside of Target stores starting next year to try to sell makeup and skincare to more shoppers.

— CNN: Ulta is opening up mini shops inside Target stores

I’m not in the mood for “righteous” preaching about anything, but I’m starting to become concerned about the effects of chemicals on the skin in a social environment of vice. There is money in beauty, and money in making women feel ugly so that they have to spend money to look and feel beautiful. And there’s a tattoo parlor next door, where people go for permanent modification of appearances. And “the usual” hair and nail salons, and the chemicals they do in the “biz”.

Is it vain? What is vanity? By definition it is futility, fruitless toil, or labor to win or gain something that cannot be won or gained. Waste of money perhaps, but it is not fitting to work so hard to oppose vice, either. Some of it is evil, and much more evil is hidden than that which is apparent to the naked eye.

Older women sometimes have skin that is not very nice where they have worn too much “makeup” over the years without allowing the skin to breathe. Their husbands on the other hand probably skipped the makeup, might have worn a beard, and their skin is often relatively smooth despite their age when they shave it off. Which makes me think of a variety of shaving cream and aftershave products marketed to men. Or men’s “deodorant” versus women’s perfume. There is too much feel-good health-and-beauty product and service going on, and it’s sold by making people feel ashamed of going without it.

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