The MH industry has run amok

Let’s take a look at a few articles posted recently at Psychology Today. Juvenile Court Clinic Evaluations: A palette of forensic psychology assessments Performing Court-Ordered Psychological Evaluations: Vital assessments are conducted by forensic psychology professionals in courts. What is Forensic Psychopathology? What you need to know about this specialized discipline. The word “forensic” means, literally, […]

Modern medicine and backsliding popes

Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, Burning for burning, wound for wound, stripe for stripe. And if a man smite the eye of his servant, or the eye of his maid, that it perish; he shall let him go free for his eye’s sake. And if he smite out […]

Labor unions & domestic violence

There’s a strange connection here between labor union activity and domestic violence. Berlin — Women began striking across Poland on Wednesday in response to a court ruling that imposed a near-total ban on abortions in the country. The ruling made it illegal to terminate a pregnancy in the case of severe fetal health defects. — CNBC: Women begin […]

Is COVID-19 a cover for the new Holocaust?

The headlines are ominous. A sacrifice for or of “many, many people” is a little bit too much to ask in the face of a perceived epidemic of a virus of unknown etiology. CNBC: WHO says getting the worsening Covid outbreak under control may require ‘sacrifice for many, many people’ Oxford Academic | The Journals […]

“Persons of interest” to law enforcement

In other words, Jews to Nazi cops. Not quite suspects on their books, but never to be exonerated or have their rights restored. “Interest” or usury was historically forbidden to Christians and Muslims in Europe in the Middle Ages. Thus a “person of interest” was a JEW. Usury in the middle ages began with the […]

Intimate pronouns

Verbosity, lexical richness, and repetitiveness was assessed by using metrics such as number of words, number of unique words, and frequencies of repetitions (Fig. 3). Misspellings, use of punctuation, and uppercasing were analyzed to assess writing performance and style. Language-modeling analyses were performed to model the distributions of word sequences. Syntactic complexity was assessed through analysis […]

Judge Carney up for re-election

Alaska Supreme Court Justice Susan Carney is facing an organized campaign against her retention this fall, amid tension with Alaska’s executive branch over a larger conservative goal of dismantling the state’s system for selecting judges. — Once quiet, Alaska judicial retention campaigns have become a battleground for conservatives There’s a “county sheriff” problem with “registered sex offenders” […]

More homosexual propaganda from the Vatican

ROME (AP) — Pope Francis became the first pontiff to endorse same-sex civil unions in comments for a documentary that premiered Wednesday, sparking cheers from gay Catholics and demands for clarification from conservatives, given the Vatican’s official teaching on the issue.…One main character in the documentary is Juan Carlos Cruz, the Chilean survivor of clergy […]